Currently we have Chapters in Illinois, and Ohio.

International Chapter: Mexico

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With the purpose of maintaining unity, one MAIN theme for the year is released at the beginning of each year.  Chapters meet monthly to discuss topics within the 7 Spheres of influence, using community leaders and resources within their community to build and strengthen each other. 


Chapter presidents receive guidance, training and support for best practices. The idea is to build for the unique needs of the community, providing opportunities to growth, share ideas and testimonies.  The chapter may choose invite someone from  Destiny Arising  leadership  team for one of their meetings. 

The chapter should hold a minimum of 9 meetings: Two (2) General topic Meetings and the other 7 focused on the 7 spheres of Influence, using the schedule below to choose activities and topics:

February -General Topic / Me Mountain

March -Religion

April -Family

May -Education

June -Media

August -Business 

September -Government

October -Arts and Entertainment 

November-General Topic / Fellowship/ Thankfulness / Honors

Being A Chapter President

 <<<< Please fill out this Form first 

Become a leader and empower others in your community to take their place and finde their voice. We can help!

Yes, you can:

  • Lead and empower 

  • Create a community

  • Strengthen and support others​

You can start by holding monthly meetings.  We'll help you create the structure and release your chapter.

 Benefits include:

  • Leadership training 

  • Exclusive affiliation with Destiny Arising  as Chapter

  • One Exclusive meeting with President/Regions during the anual Summit

  • Information, guidelines, and support for your Chapter

  • Special invite-only Meetings and Broadcasts​​​​

How do I get started? 

  • You must be current Destiny Arising member

  • Fill out the "Become a Chapter President Form"  (Above) - A member of our team will contact you for a follow up meeting.​

  • You will get approval from Destiny Arising President and Regional Director to establish your chapter. ​ Once approved the subscription will have an additional membership fee of $100 per year.

  • We'll help you release the chapter in your region.


630 377 5355



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