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Tonight on Facebook Live Broadcast 6 PM Central Join Dr. Theresa Phillips as she imparts Destiny Arising To Members wiht soemething special What!!! You are not a member?? Well we can fix that! Member Here On April 17 Elizabeth Enlow will be joining us for a FREE Broadcast Register Here Rev Enlow and her Husband Johnny Enlow are going to be some of our speakers at International Summit Register for early Bird Rate #Purpose #Destiny #Summit #DestinyArising #DrTheresaPhillips #GrowYourDream

The Faith Mountain

March is the Faith Mountain. And I would like to highlight the church in this article. On March 15 I arrived to Monterrey, Mexico where I had the opportunity to minister at 3 different gatherings. I spoke at Women with Destiny along with Dr. Theresa Philips who spoke via the internet. There were around 90 women who were very interested in what the 7 Mountains were and wanted to find out more about how they can influence their sphere of influence. These women were very hungry they gathered from many areas near Monterrey Mexico. Learning who they are in Christ and realizing that God saw them and knew them in the womb before they were born and learning to know who they are was very empoweri


As we climb the mountain of faith it is an uphill battle. But remember it’s uphill, we are not staying at the bottom … we are going up. Several years ago I was in church and I went up for prayer and God gave me a vision of myself. I saw myself climbing out of the pit. I was born again, but I hadn’t made Him Lord of my life. I guess I didn’t understand, until I went through a hard time in my life that I couldn’t fix. I was at my bottom; I surrendered to Him for whatever He wanted to do in my life. At that time I started climbing up out of the pit of despair and started my journey of faith in Him, not in what I could do to fix it or for what someone else could do for me. I started reali

Have "Present Vision" Amy Shamp

God is always moving in a new way. He is always working a new miracle, because each generation is different and each day brings new hope and a fresh blueprint for destiny. Because each year brings new challenges for human-kind, the world needs a fresh touch, a fresh wind, a fresh move of the Spirit of God. The Kingdom of God is linear, not circular. This means that God’s Kingdom is always advancing forward, building on, but not returning to past experiences or formulas. God’s Kingdom doesn’t operate in circular patterns, but moves forward in newness and freshness, as the glory of God saturates the earth more and more. The Lord has been speaking to me about vision in the last month. He showed

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