"We Must Secure the Foundation of Love On Our Families" Ingrid Fiehn

As many of you, I am shocked about all that is happening with the Family Mountain, not only in the United States, but around the world. What we see in the world, is only a reflection on how the families are today, if we don’t put a stop to it our society will keep growing in a despiteful direction. I am convinced that only until we start giving the importance and Honor to this mountain we will go into the right direction. The Prince of this world is so happy destroying the family unity… The more he destroys the more territory he wins. 2 timothy 3.1-4 Talks about difficult times and we are in them! As a society we have lost the true essence of value and honor in our families. We should a

"A Multi-Generational God!" Barbara Velez

God is a multi generational God. The Bible refers multiple times about the about the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob when referring to promises and Destiny. Our God releases promises and seeds for destiny in a multigenerational way. When He sees us He sees the generations before us and he sees the generations that will come from our loins and our children’s loins. Wow! This is powerful and empowering. There are plenty of examples in the Bible, let’s see! God Speaks with Isaac and refers to his father Abraham and the promises He made ratifying his covenant now in Isaac (The next generation). The LORD appeared to Isaac and said, “Do not go down to Egypt; live in the

"Women Yes You Can Have Spheres of Influence"

The Role of Women In The 7 Mountains Join us Live HERE <<< Register Elizabeth Enlow is Our Guest for this FREE Broadcast Elizabeth Enlow (Who will be speaking at the International Summit in July) is our Special Guest as we Discuss A Woman's Role in the 7 Mountains .. Elizabeth - international speaker and author, super-passionate about inspiring people to exchange religion for a relationship with Love. TO EXPAND YOUR IMPACT ON THE WORLD BY EXPANDING YOUR PERSPECTIVE OF GOD! Don't miss this time to Connect Grow and Take Your Destiny Believe in Yourself More after this Broadcast Subscribe To Destiny Arising yes you can do all things..... Ladies Let's Go For it Register Today >>>>> HERE NOTICE

Facebook live Tonigth and Chapter Meeting Saturday

TONIGHT - DON'T MISS IT! Great news! Joy Van Patten will host a Facebook live Broadcast for Destiny Arising members Only, tonight at 6 PM Central time. You can access the broadcast through the Facebook Members only Page. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to get keys for success in your sphere of influence! Chicago Land Region This Saturday April 7 The Reverend Karen Tews will be speaking on the Family mountain. The event will be held at Glory House in Geneva IL. For more details please contact Karen Tews at 630-232-6562 Not a Member yet? You can become a member today! For more information visit: www.destinyarising.net/how-to-become-a-member

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