I had a Dream... Dr Theresa Phillips

I had a vision for Women who had been Dreaming since they were little girls.. The Vision shifted and I saw a woman who had become sorrowful and bitter... Then I saw the wind begin to blow... when it did the woman's face was lifted up toward the heavens.. Tears ran down her cheeks and the premature lies of hurt began to melt away.. Then I heard this from the Almighty.. I am restoring the years the canker worn has taken Joel 2:25 I am redeeming the time...Eph 5:16 I am the God that heals you... Exodus 15: 26 Yes, my daughters, I am going to allow you to DREAM again! Dr. Theresa Phillips See You At The Summit Dr Theresa Phillips #DrTheresaPhillips #Findyourdreams #GrowYourDream

Early Bird Rate Ends July 2 Hotel July 3

Are you ready!!! This is Going to be Epic.... Keep Reading!!! We Just added Mary!! She is 14 and Just WON Geneva Got Talent !! Way To Go Mary!!! She will be at the Dinner Celebration July 14 6:30 PM Incase you may not have noticed We are having TWO Plated Meals! Meals are Going to be AWESOME with The Luncheon We have a Special Speaker Meet and Greet 1:30 PM Dinner WOW A Very Special Celebration Meet & Greet 6:30 Our Chapter in Mexico is Flourishing~! YAY!! ¡Nuestro Capítulo en México está floreciendo ~! ¡¡HURRA!! At this Summit you WILL receive MANY Resources And Lots of Goodies!! Make New Friends Network And Fellowship! Chapters May Be Formed Membership will be Available Connections! Regi

Bring Your Dream To The Table Tonight! Meet The Speakers 7 PM CDT

Tonight 7 PM CDT you will have the opportunity to meet several of our Speakers Michele Horvath Theresa Phillips Joy VanPatton Barbara Velez and more You may ask questions about the summit! Come get to know us Bring Your Dream To The Table .. Nope its no fun eating alone~! Example Today while on our Global Prophetic Voice Keys In The Prophetic God just gave us a new thing The Prophetic Poets Corner A Love Broadcast to start in August! Thats how it happens You get connected with peope who believe in you and Something is birthed. Each person on the broadcast was buzzing with excitement over this new thing! This can happen for you!! So tonight hook up listen in or watch as we share about Desti

"Women Of Great Influence Are Arising" Prophecy Thru "Patricia King

WOMEN WITH GREAT INFLUENCE ARE ARISING! —a prophetic word— through Patricia King June 4, 2018 I have called My women to arise, says the Lord! It is a day when many anointed and consecrated women will increase in influence – in the market place, business, government, church, media, arts and entertainment, education, and home and family. Yes, on every mountain of influence, My women of influence will arise. OUT OF THE SECRET PLACE Many have been prepared in the secret place with Me; those who have consecrated themselves to Me and to My purposes will arise leaning on their Beloved and will see new realms of grace, wisdom, power, and wealth released in them and through them. Those who have b

FREE BROADCAST 12 June @ 6 PM CDT Be a summiteer... Yes, you can!

We’re working hard for you as we continue to prepare for our yearly International Summit. We want to see you succeed in scaling the mountain(s) of your calling. Free Online Broadcast Tuesday 6 PM CDT REGISTER AND MEET THE TEAM >>>> HERE Come meet the team and Share the Vision The purpose of the International Summit and this year’s topic, “Step It Up” is to help you move forward, help you gather the information you are missing, the pieces you need. If you feel stuck, you will leave empowered. If you feel like you have lost direction, you will leave with steps to take. If you need a mentor, come! Meet people who can help you get on course, stay on course, and pursue all that God has for you.

Tonight Get To Know More Abouut Our Speaker Melody Barker

Join us Live Tonight >>>> HERE Melody's target is to teach, coach and produce excellence in those pursuing their purpose and significance. She coaches a variety of leaders, from well-known ministers to entrepreneurs, to business executives to up-and-coming authors and speakers. Melody uses her expertise and training ability for personal leadership development and strategic planning in coaching, mentoring, workshops and seminars. The Summit is nearing and The Rate is closing Please register Today REGISTER HERE #MelodyBarker #DestinyArising #7Mountains

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