'How Can We Affect the Family Mountain?' Laura Nieminen

The Family Mountain is one where we all find ourselves. We are all part of a family. We all came from a family. And even if we have no blood relatives around us, we are part of the family of God is we are followers of Jesus. So what are some ways we can be influencers on the family mountain? There are several current issues which are affecting the family mountain today. Vaccines, forced indoctrination of children in the schools affects the family mountain, removal of children from the home by the State through Child Protective Services depending upon the reason, abortion by an unwed mother could have a different outcome if there were a family to take the unwanted baby, children in the Foster

Melody Barker Advisor A Message Event Planning Live Broadcast 25 Mar 6 PM CDT

Melody Barker is one of our Advisors She is a speaker author coach and mentor. This message falls into the entertainment Faith and Family Mountains. Melody Barker is best known for teaching and training. Her interaction with those in attendance is thought-provoking and memorable. She loves the opportunity to speak into the lives of those attending in person or watching via live streaming. Melody ahs been with Destiny Arising for 3 Years as an adviser and speaker She carrie such insight and thoughtfulness. She is creative and administrative in various ways. We are blessed to have her on our Team She recently did a facebook post on Event Planning . Subscribe To Destiny Arising There are diffe

5 Characteristics of Weak Leaders (And How Not to Be One) Michael Hyatt

MICHAEL HYATT Sometimes you learn from positive role models. Often you learn from negative ones. This is one of the reasons I love to read history—you inevitably get both. After watching Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, I decided to reread Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin. It is a page-turning account of Abraham Lincoln’s presidency and his political genius. At the beginning of Lincoln’s first term, he appointed each of his former Republican rivals—those who had run against him for his party’s nomination—to cabinet posts. The narrative demonstrates his amazing ability to tap into a broad array of perspectives and create alignment among those who often disagreed violently with one another. U

'Your Voice is Influential, Be Heard!' Dr Bruce Cook

Dr Cook is a Great Friend to Destiny Arising. He has been our mentor for a couple of years. And he has been a presenter at the summits! "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke We as disciples of Christ have a dual citizenship, according to Phil. 3:20: "But our citizenship is in Heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ." We are first of all citizens of Heaven, and second, citizens of the nation we live in or were born in. Our allegiance and loyalty are not only to the flag, laws, institutions, constitution, government, leaders and authorities of a nation, but to an eternal, invisible, omnipotent, omniscient

'The Prophetic is Pointing to the Seven Cultural Spheres of Influence' Dr Theresa Phillips

Vision of Jesus on The Mountains As in scripture 1st Cor 14: 3 But the one who prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouraging and comfort. I looked at this scripture and I realized GOD was calling us to be the pointers of the good news to the church to excel its purpose. Knowing that this scripture is speaking to the church we now realize that the church must continue to grow its impact throughout the earth. Often times we go to a conference 'Hoping" to get a word. And most often we truly need it! Yet in this day and hour, I see something else happening. The Vision: I saw Jesus on the mountains I have seen this before and today I saw it again. I saw our Sovereign Lord crawl

Message On International Womens Day

We are celebrating you all today! Congratulations! You are a woman and we cherish you! The world wide web is celebrating women today and their achievements. So today we are bringing you a message from our Founder and Ceo Dr Theresa Phillips Make your impact And Register Today for The Summit HERE Have a Wonderful Day! #DrTheresaPhillips #7Mountains #InternationalSummit

New Landing Page and UPdates About Summit

WOW! We now have a new LANDING PAGE and updated Info on Speakers and Presenters! Plus here is the Opening Ceremony Schedule so far. Honor Guard will be present to open the Summit. Thank you to the St Charles American Legion! The Mayor is sending an Alderwoman to present a Proclamation for Destiny Arising! The Local Chamber of Commerce is also sending a representative to welcome us to the city! How awesome is that? May 2 Is also National Day Of Prayer USA. The Afternoon session will include recognising this day. We also have a photographer coming who will be taking professional photos so this is your opportunity to have your portrait done for your websites social media or anything else you

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