We are so Excited to be able to meet you at the summit! Plus See this?

In 3 Days We are launching the Annual International Summit from The Chicago Area! And It's going to be a pleasure to meet all of you who are attending! Up to date this is what's happening! Thursday Morning 9 Am - 930 Am Billie Reagan Deck will be leading Prophetic Intercession 10 Am Opening Ceremonies Plus Proclamation from the Mayor and Representation fro the Chamber of Commerce Speakers 2 PM Keynote Speaker 7 PM Speakers Friday and Sat the Same Sat Night Closing Ceremonies and Celebrations And Lots of Surprises LIVE STREAM HERE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Extra Delights We have a photographer coming in for Professional Pictures For your Books Ads Media etc... Artistic Dance With D'lee Wentz Lynn Zuk

Please Open and Share Important Updates Thank You~ Plus Schedule

David Yarnes to Speak on Live Broadcast Wednesday the 24 Will Send Time Are You Registered? this is what's happening Thursday Morning 9 Am to 9 30 Billie Reagan Deck Teaching on 3rd day 10 Am Honor Guard and Opening Ceremonies With a Proclamation from the Mayor Representative from The St Charles Chamber of Commerce Welcomes us to the City! Opening Session 2 Speakers 2 Pm Speaker 7 PM Speaker Friday 9 am - 930 BIllie Reagan Deck 10 Am Session 2 Speakers 2 PM Speaker 7 PM Speaker Saturday Billie Reagan Deck 9 Am - 930 Am 10 Am 2 Speakers 2 Pm Speaker 7 Pm Speaker and Closing Ceremonies With Auction Celebration and Surprise's! ~~~~~~~~ Added Photographer will be present to Do Professional

'Arts & Entertainment ' Paulete Horvath

About the Arts and Entertainment Sphere of influence... I do not consider myself to be an expert in the Mountain of Art and Entertainment, but when I was asked to write an article about this, I realized that I had some very strong feelings about what is happening in this area of society. We must realize the impact that the Arts and Entertainment has on our society and especially in our families. These are expressions that use skill or and imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects, environments or experiences that are shared with others. These expressions use human creativity and skill to create an experience that affect people’s emotions, thought patterns and behaviors. The medium of

D'lee Wentz A Prolific Dancer At The Summit & Lynn Zuk-Lloyd Artist!!

D'Lee Wentz a powerful dancer who is an Ambassador of The Kingdom Is going to Share the gift of Dance at the Summit She has danced in nations She is amazing! This is Arts and Entertainment - Faith Mountain and YOU WILL BE Blown away! Register HERE Lynne Zuk- Lloyd is An AMazing Artist She will be Painting at the Summit!! Lynn Is an Amazing Lady! Her artwork is getting critical acclaim and She will be Paining Live at The Summit!! Register Here #DreamingForLife #InternationalSummit #ArtsMountain #DestinyArising

Planning Event Tips With Melody Barker

Are You trying to Plan an Event? Melody Barker Has some Powerful Tips on planning An Event Here is the Replay from That Live Broadcast Watch Now Don't Forget The Early BIrd Rate Ends Soon for the Summit Register Today! HERE 12 Speakers Investing In YOU Domt Miss Out! #MelodyBarker

The 3 Top Excuses That Hinder Our Return on Investment (ROI)

We all have dreams and hopes but we un-dream every day by the things we tell ourselves. We carry narratives of unbelief, self-doubt, fear and insecurity that “puff” those dreams away. But what is the difference between the people that is successfully living at the top of the mountain or progressing towards their dreams and those who don’t? I have a one word for you: INVESTMENT! Are you 100% invested in what you want to accomplish?You might say I am but I don’t see results… What is wrong? Where is my return on investment (ROI)? We’ll you might have embraced some lies that might have become excuses serving as a mindset that stops your progress and hinder your ROI. Its like a chain that p

Calling All Entrepreneurs & More!!! Vendor Tables Available!!

Are you an author a Recording Artist a Dancer Painter EdEducator Salesman. Have a Product ??? WELL We have only 7 Tables Left Get that here Registration included This is getting very exciting! So many Exciting Things happening Are you Ready? Meetups Fellowship Fun Tools Gifts and so much More! Register Today HERE Chapter Meeting Saturday April 6 1-3 PM Arcedium Coffeehouse 60 Indiana St, St. Charles, IL 60174 #DreamingForLife #7Mountains #EntertainmentMountain #DestinyArising

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