Why Do You Want My Presence You Don't Do Anything. Dave Yarnes

I know this statement sounds shocking, but I feel like this is exactly what the Lord spoke to me. There was a period in my life when I sensed “higher ground.” I knew there was a deeper alignment with Christ, and I could feel like it was just beyond my reach. I continually prayed for His presence and power to come over me, and then I heard him say, “Why do you want My presence—you don’t do anything.” This sounds harsh, but it was God’s way of waking me up to one crucial key to the Kingdom. I call this the Law of Application. Think of a power outlet in the room you are sitting in now—there is untapped potential there. You could plug in a toaster, a welder, or any type of appliance or compute

Melody Barker Message From 2019 Summit

Melody Barker has been an Adviser for 3 Years of Destiny Arising! We charigh her vast array of Concise Wisdom and Knowledge of the 7 Spheres of Influence. This is her message for The Summit. Please enjoy and share thank you! Subscribe To Destiny Arising Melody Is A Speaker Author Mentor and Coach Melody’s target is to teach, coach and produce excellence in those pursuing their purpose and significance. She coaches a variety of leaders, from well-known ministers to entrepreneurs, to business executives to up-and-coming authors and speakers. Melody uses her expertise and training ability for personal leadership development and strategic planning in coaching, mentoring, workshops and seminars.

Notice To Members Changes Are Coming!

Are you a Member of Destiny Arising?... Dear friends, O HOW WE HAD A FAB SUMMIT! We are certainly going to a higher level from this summit. So many people were totally transformed and we are so grateful! New Things Happening and its Time to Engage! As Destiny Arising is preparing to move forward we need to know if you are still with us? Some of you have not renewed your membership. If you want to grow with us we ask you to do so...ASAP. Here is the Membership Link This will NOT remove you from The Eblast and tools we release here. We don't want you to go! But the PRIVATE Facebook Page is For Members Only. The Private Facebook Page Is Here If you cannot Renew due to circumstances Please respo

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