Happy Birthday Dr Theresa Phillips

It's Dr Theresa Phillips Birthday!! 21 June Shhhh No Age Required... But She has a passion A BIG Passion.. Many of you know she and her husband Robert started a charity in their home BeAHeroToAHero.com Is in full swing for Christmas in July! Operation Gift A Veteran Be A Hero To A Hero is a local charity Raising public awareness of the diverse needs of the local Veteran. Focusing primarily on those infirmed, in hospitals, nursing homes and homebound. Expanding to Homeless shelters and other outreaches. It would be fabulous if any of you could donate to this wonderful cause! Be A Hero To A Hero Thank you Theresa Thanks You And Most of ALL The Veterans Thank You!! want to send her a messa

Barbara Velez Your Story Matters( Video)

Your story Matters.. By Barbara Velez This video was part of the Destiny Arisong Summit 2019. In this teaching I explore why we are to become the hero of our own story and why our testimony is important as we walk in our journey Barbara Velez Contact: barbaravelez12@gmail.com Subscribe To Barbaras YouTube Channel Subscribe To Destiny Arising Have you thought of becoming a member of Destiny Arising? You Can Right Now HERE #BarbaraVelez

Sweden Ambassador Amanda Göransson Video Message From Summit

Understanding The Callings? Amanda Gives some Practical Insights The Family Mountain is A Strength for her ...But she is also in .... Please Enjoy! Become a Subscriber Of Destiny Arising ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear friends We have already begun to cull members from the Private facebook Page If you feel you have been removed by mistake Please contact us at DestinyArising1@aol.com Also we are preparing for 2020 June 5-6 And Yes Dave Yarnes will be with us and Stevie Knight Destiny Arising Headquarters in The Chicagoland Region Mark your Calendars! Consider being a member or a Patron of Destiny Arising HERE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Announcement Dr Theresa Phillips has a Prophetic Master Cla

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