August is the Business Mountain Fox Valley Chapter Presents Our CEO Dr Theresa Phillips

The Business Mountain August! Arcedium Coffeehouse 1- 3 PM 3 August Our Own President Dr. Theresa Phillips will be speaking! Dr. Theresa Phillips Is not only A Minister but she is an Entrepreneur A 3 Time Business Owner! She is the Founder and CEO of The Organization Destiny Arising Become a Member Here Her companies are Redeem And Renew Skin Solutions LLC Royal Scents A Kings Oil And Several Online Publications Sites! Listen to her journey as she shares her story about how things really got started! Her Struggles and her Passions! Theresa will share how she started her business’s and how they have developed. She will give practical insights to using web sites, live shows and mark

David Cranfill Make Us A Video

Thank you David Cranfill! He has created for us a Video Promo.. David is the founder and producer of Kingdom Flame Here he is with Jose Velez at the Summit! Thank you for producing our Promo Video! Become a Member of Destiny Arising HEY FYI A CHAPTER IS OPENING IN PUERTO RICO Stay Tuned Contact us Here #DavidCranfill #Meida

'Blessings To Overcome! Be Who God Created' Uk Ambassador Lynne Lee

Blessings to overcome and BE who God created you to be! The last 4 months have been a bit of a struggle. I've kept things ticking over but I haven't had any oomph and I've had to put a lot of things on hold. Does that happen to you sometimes? I kept trying to push myself until the Lord got my attention and told me to let myself take some time out, have a rest, and do things that would restore my soul and bring me back to centre. I've so enjoyed spending more time with God and allowing myself to BE. And now, from that place of unhurried rest, I'm ready to step out and do the things God's been laying on my heart. My prayer for you is that today's coaching moment will speak to your situation an

There Has Been A Mighty Battle Against The Mind Of Many Of My Daughters, Its Lifting NOW Lana Vaw The Lord showed me that there has been a horrific battle against the minds of many daughters of God in the body of Christ. There has been a specific assignment that has been sent against them to bring a cloudiness, to bring a fog, to bring a lack of clarity of thinking and many have been thinking they are crazy or going to go crazy. The pressure on the mind has been intense but in the battle the Lord showed me that He is bringing forth a deep fortification of FAITH in Christ and His Word that cannot be shaken. There is a major battle against your minds daughters of God, now is the time to stand and stand in the Word. You are not going crazy,

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