Fox Valley Chapter Meeting Feb 1

Join a Company of People Hungry to know their purpose The Me Mountain is a Discovery in Yourself Where? 60 Indiana St, St. Charles, IL 60174 Arcedium Coffeehouse Financial Director, Coordinator & Hispanic Liaison Barbara Velez has a Bachelor’s degree in Operations Management with more than 15 years of experience in planning and administration. She has worked in the ministry of helps since 2001 and has assisted to plant churches and ministries by developing administrative structures, prayer strategies by teaching and training pastors and ministers to continue the work of the ministry. She has helped establish prayer shields for Apostles and pastors as well as helping build their intercession

Morning Regrets... Laura Prather

Passion is synonymous with business because it's the tinder that gets any business started. Passion also acts like the bellows needed to fan the flames when doldrums and tough days set it. However, passion has its place. Which means it doesn't occupy every space of running a business. In fact, passion, just like a fire, can destroy a business. How? Passion makes us do dumb things. Passion is emotion. Raw emotion. There's no thinking or logic involved. It's reckless and impulsive. Passion stirs up our adrenaline and removes the fear-factor when our doubts and over-thinking get in the way. Passion is great when it's contained, but deadly when don't use self-control. How many times have I made

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