Virtual Chapter Meeting May 9 @ 1 PM CDT

Join us on a Virtual Chapter Meeting! May 9 @ 1Pm CDT Our Guest Speaker will be Paulette Horvath Team Builder And Relationships Prophetic Team Leader Paulette Horvath Educator and Team Builder Her expertise is in developing relationships for the optimal team builder processes Our Topic Is The Influence Of Education ​ She is an Educator and She is a Director of Team for many outreaches Paulette is passionate about seeing Live Transformed and Rebuilt in Positive and Uplifting lifestyles She is a  Mother and Grandmother who also is an Ordained Minister She serve on executive council of women in Missions She Has training in inner-healing She serve as Ordination Minister of IAOGI in Illinois with

'How High Performers Really Achieve Personal Success' Susie Moore

life coach and self-help author, I’ve spent years observing high performing people. It’s my obsession (and luckily for me – my work) to observe how people view and achieve personal success! What do successful people have in common? What do they do differently? Do they know something we don’t? Well, apparently they do. It comes down to the breadth of their thinking, the ability to be constantly flexible and open-minded, and their willingness to look at the world in fresh ways. I have some good news for ya, too: These ways of thinking can be learned. And if you change your thinking, you change your life. This includes questioning popular thinking (which is my favorite rebellious thing to)! It’

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