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Destiny Arising exists to teach, strengthen, and release a community of women to complete their purpose.
Our Goal to Empower women to Confidently pursue and Fulfill their Destinies in ALL spheres of Influence.











A Personal Message from Dr. Theresa Phillips CEO 


I want to personally invite you to become a Member of Destiny Arising. 

As we grow we will be bringing to each member Monthly Broadcasts about Equipping, Encouragement and Helping you Achieve Your Purpose. I personally want to express to you that you are a Winner,a Dreamer and  you have all the potential to achieve your Purpose.


As a Member you will have access to: 

 *Private Facebook Page where many broadcasts will occur.

*Discounts on Select Items.

*Private Calls And Coaching

*All come with membership! 





At this video you are going to know a little bit more about us and you would see that we are determined for you to succeed.

I am very passionately to see you and everyone to GO AFTER THEIR PURPOSES. Yes, YOU have many!


These are the 7 Cultural Spheres of Dynamic influence. These Influencing Arenas govern the world. They actually govern your own personal world! During the next few months for the Monthly Broadcast for Members, we will be going over these spheres and you will be able to recognize where you fit in... YOU WILL BE SURPRISED HOW YOU ARE A SUCCESS ALREADY!

Family, Business, Media Arts/ Entertainment, Government, Education, FAITH!


By Grace, We CAN DO IT... Have A Great One!   

               Dr. Theresa Phillips



Membership to Destiny Arising Is Easy

Thanks for your interest in becoming a member.
Please watch Dr. Theresa's video,  read below and contact us if you have further questions.

What do you get?

  • Online support groups & Mentors

  • Monthly meetings & Mentor-ship programs 

  • Access to educational coaching and input toward your vision

  • Resources and connection to fulfill your dreams 

  • Monthly Live Broadcasts and Replays

  • Members-only Facebook page and live feed

  • Opportunities to Serve Opportunities to Grow Opportunities to Advance Your Sphere of Influence

  • With Connections with Like-minded people to accomplish the vision you have!

  • Discounts on Events, Resource Materials Virtual and Handheld ( aka BOOKS CD DVD ETC)