I Am Thankful For...

This is the month of November and our topic is Thankfulness. Well, I want to tell you how thankful I am for Dr. Theresa Phillips, our leaders, and all of our members in Destiny Arising! This movement would still be just a dream if not for ALL of you. Everyone has a part to play. We are all called by God to step into our calling on the mountains of influence. Before we can get there, we have to understand that God wants to influence these mountains of culture.

Where did you start on this journey? I remember it very well. I was sitting at a breakfast meeting in Australia with some of my friends as Dave Hodgson shared with us his journey through the jungles as a young military fighter. At the age of 17, Hodgson was conscripted to fight in the Rhodesian Army. He shared his story how he eventually moved to Australia with his wife and became a Christian at a Reinhard Bonnke crusade. I am thankful for Hodgson's story because it didn't end there.

"Whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord." I had always believed that. Hodgson's testimony took me farther than that. This was the first time I heard about moving in the realms of influence for the purposes of God. This was the first time I was introduced to the thinking of Lance Wallnau. I am very thankful for that day; because it gave me a way to understand my life and my vocation conjoined to my love for God. I felt energized and uplifted. I went home from that meeting and began to look up everything I could find on YouTube with Lance Wallnau. (And yes, I'm very thankful for YouTube.) That was an education!

Back to where I began this blog - I am thankful for all of you! As I started this journey I was quite alone. I returned to the USA shortly after that meeting in Australia. Most Christians I talked to about the "7 mountains" looked at me like I had two heads. They had never heard it. They didn't get it. And they didn't want to get it. I finally found one person who didn't look the other way and pretend they had something else more important to be doing. That was 2013. Four years later, I have finally found a group who understand and believe as I do that God has put us here for more. God has a great plan to bring about change in the world and His plan includes US. I am so thankful that I am no longer standing alone. I am thankful to know who is with me and who is for me. Because I am also with you and for you. Pick up your dreams and move forward because: Yes, You Can!!!

Laura Nieminen

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