Dear Destiny Arising community,

I am so excited to have the opportunity to share some of my thoughts. You know, as I was asking the Lord what to share, I started to meditate on something that Prophet Nancy Slocum shared a little while ago about this upcoming year. She shared that ''We are made in His image and likeness which means we are like our Heavenly Father and Creator, We were made to create! And God said, Let there be…!'' Wow, now this is something to go deep, and deep calls to deep!

It really blew my mind, because if would meditate on this, and we would keep in mind in the fact that we were created to be creative; either positive or negative things or thoughts, then, we will stop and think more than once on what we want to see done. That, what we want to change and what we expect for this coming 2018.

As we move on to close 2017 and to examine this past year we may come up with this question. What if (that what you are examining), didn’t went as well was you tough? Maybe, because you created it a though; a negative thought and produced a way of “speech” that gave it another form. A different form than that what was originally intended.

See, If we get our creativity from the Holy Spirit and the Word says ''ask and it shall be given'', then, my question should be what am I creating… what am I speaking. What am I feeling and filling myself with?

You know, every artist, composer or writer, will agree with me that it can be disturbing to face a blank page or an empty canvas. Creating is always risky, even for those who have more experience. How much more intimidating it will be, then, for those who do not consider themselves artists or creative people, I know the feeling! But you know, creativity demands courage, generosity, authenticity and intimacy.

My Beloved Friends, I am sure that our lives, and the lives of those that surround us could be ''Kingly'' touch and moved and things would be establish and chance for this 2018 as we start walking with the flag of creativity, I am sure we will witness chances, new freshness, new thinking, new actions, new points of view, new atmosphere, new, new, new, YES! Remember to live creatively and fulfill God's purpose for your life, you must be willing to do so, giving steps of faith all the time , risk and maybe failure but move away from comfort zones, come on!

I am convinced, that It is not enough to recognize one gifts; we must also be a good steward of them. Ask God to help you; think and speak In such a way that your life becomes an expression of His love and kingdom. Ask Him show you the changes that must be done in you, in your mind, in your heart so that these will allow you to live without fear and create the person for the purpose God wants you to live and look for ways to make the world around you more kingdomly and beautiful by thinking and speaking words of worth. We have the opportunity to choose, to love, to feel, to communicate, we can choose to be full of passion and creativity, we can imagine, and we can dream, and we can use the resources that God gives us to do things and / or to make things happen!

I invite you to take the time before all the activities of this time of the year overwhelm you and think of examples of creativity that are not limited to the common understanding of the word. Write down some specific changes you want in your life and ways you can do to live creatively using the gifts God has given you. If you cannot think of anything, ask for ideas from a friend or family member, that know you well and then come up with a strategy to apply these ideas. Write down your progress in a journal, and celebrate both your attempts and your successes.

Remember where we get our creativity; from Holy Spirit! Step away from everything that has to do with negativity, because when we depend on the "whys" we are unable to bring forth more creativity.

"Every word, every action, every creative act, must have as final intention to give life to others". Be creative and remember you can become a Masterpiece that brings life to others and Glory to God.

In Christ,

Ingrid Fiehn

President Destiny Arising - Mexico Chapter

International Speaker, Pastor of House of Prayer

San Pedro and Director of Healing Rooms Northeast

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