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Women who operate on at least one of the Seven Mountains are overwhelmingly built for alignment. In other words, finding their sense of belonging, communion, and harmony within a specific sisterhood or mentorship is key to their establishing legacy.

And that legacy, the power we carry in our chassis, I’d like to say, is just part of the beauty that we have as the Lord’s reproductive vessels. We, whom in tandem with the sister (or sisters) of Holy Spirit and Soul, women in Destiny Arising just like you, are determined to hold on to the horns of the altar to seek God about her respective purpose and destiny.

But get this. The enemy of our souls knows this, too. So much that he’s bent on trying to delay or stop us from reaching our respective “mountains” or even gatherings where we intently discuss them. Case in point? I’ve been trying to get to a Destiny Arising Summit for a few years now. And you know what keeps happening? Obstacles! Obstacles seemingly built to test my mettle; deceive; and wind me into bouts of grief and some heavy warfare.

But if the Canaan-bound Israelites met with the threat of warfare on their journey, as Kingdom leaders, so will we.


The warfare a Kingdom leader meets is a direct outgrowth of the mountain or territory she is assigned to. Regardless of where that sphere of influence is. Here’s an example. In the ground-breaking book, “The Seven Mountain Prophecy,” Johnny Enlow describes Apollyon as “the destroyer”, the Hittite, fear-bringing enemy on the Media Mountain who loves to assault future evangelists with lots of “bad news.”

Now is this you? Is God positioning you to climb one of the Seven Mountains to comfort God’s people and declare His Good News (Is. 40:9)? For the Destiny Arising woman, this is the case. It’s further the case that territorial warfare is real. And its arrows often fly when you’re preparing to take a ministry trip.

Has the enemy ever said to you when you’re prepping for a ministry/networking gathering that “you’re not good enough” to meet with “those people”? Or that you’ll be harmed in some way if you go? Or that you shouldn’t go because you’re too physically out of sorts to go with a broken (fill in the blank)? Or if you’re a woman of color (which I am) traveling to a predominantly Caucasian gathering he’ll say, “Why are you going? You don’t really want to be “the token” (fill in the blank), do you?” Or he’ll say, “You’re just setting yourself up for failure if you go. Remember how other groups you’ve been in didn’t work out for you? You’ll never fit in!”

Well guess what? These are the six chief lies the enemy spat out at me as to why I shouldn’t travel to a Destiny Arising Summit. He even dangled the old “but you’ve got to work and can’t get off” lingo before me, too. Which, unfortunately was true last week. I just went back to work January 2nd after being on holiday for two weeks. But obstacles like these can be overcome.


Even though many of us have yet to meet the other, when we do we can be glad of this: The Lord has blessed us to be some powerful be-ers, do-ers, movers and shakers in His Kingdom. An exceptional contingent that relishes the fact that the woman with godly advisors is destined for victory!

So, if you have yet to even attend your first Summit, the following five tips will help you get to one of the next Destiny Arising events soon.

1. Believe! In you! Don’t let anyone tell you that because you haven’t been able to get to a Destiny Arising event in their timing that you aren’t Destiny Arising material! You are! The Lord has your times in His hands. Therefore, once you finally make it through the door to one of our events, you’ll be attending it in the fullness of God’s timing. As the adage goes, your delay is not God’s denial!

2. Relieve! The lies the enemy tells you about yourself must be thrown into the trash. Wallowing in the discontent that he inflicts can breed the following cycle:

a. Discontent can lead you to feeling “snubbed” when no “snubbing” is taking place.

b. Feeling “snubbed” creates approval-seeking.

c. Approval-seeking births performance mentality.

d. Performance mentality hatches pride (either a too low or a too high self-esteem).

e. Pride produces gossip and complaining.

f. Gossip and complaining are tantamount to bitterness

Your relationship with God holds the key to your contentment. He’ll affirm who you really are!

3. Grieve! If you’ve been hurt/abused in spiritual environments (churches, small groups, or networking circles) before and haven’t properly grieved or been healed or set free from the pain or losses you endured with the help of godly counsel, it’s possible to unknowingly harm your potential for enjoying productive and God-ordained network encounters. Hidden or unreleased grief can often produce four distinct thought patterns that can poison your ability to be optimistic about group encounters:

a. Fantasy-seeking: You crave finding the “perfect” spiritual group or network, forgetting the fact that no group can be perfect because it is filled with imperfect people seeking and needing a perfect Savior in Jesus.

b. Exhaustion: You feel too burned out and hurt about your last failed venture into “spiritual networking”. Too hurt to even think about thinking, let alone doing anything else to try again.

c. Jealousy: Everybody seems to find the “right fit” except me. What’s so great about them anyway?

d. Bitterness: Why did I have to go through the hurt anyway? It’s their fault, Lord. It’s your fault, Lord. In no way do I deserve this!

If you need healthy and sound healing and deliverance ministry for spiritual hurt/abuse or social rejection, seek it out. An exceptional resource to explore regarding this is Chester and Betsy Kylstra’s renowned Restoring the Foundations Ministry. Their trained healing and deliverance teams are in communities nationwide. Learn more about their services at I highly recommend them.

4. Heave! Yes. Heave. Heave unkind words and thoughts and thought patterns out of your head with the help of godly counsel! As the adage says, “Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your action, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

5. Achieve! Continue to climb the mountain or mountains God has assigned you to in the Seven Mountains spectrum. You can because you are His vessel, His mouthpiece, His hands, and feet in the earth! And again, in the fullness of His timing for your unique calling, you’ll gather with your Destiny Arising sisters in person, prayerful and ready to begin the momentous trek of scaling the Seven Mountain’s together to God’s glory. Amen?



Copyright, Karen S. Williams, 2018

Author Bio: Min. Karen S. Williams, a prophetic voice, award-winning author, and scholar, lives in Metro Detroit. She is an ordained minister and a staff pastor with Southfield, Michigan’s Good News Christian Center Ministries. Through her God-given Ezra 1:7 mandate, Min. Williams helps to equip women who have suffered adverse life experiences to “pay their personal relationship with Christ, healing, freedom, wisdom, life stories as well as their spiritual and natural gift forward’ as they win other women to Christ. Min. Williams has a regular podcast titled “Miriam’s Cup Messages with Min. Karen Williams, and has written for “Global Prophetic Voice” and other publications. She has 24+ years of experience as a public health professional in the maternal child health, minority health, mental health, and juvenile justice fields. She believes her history of working with and for the underserved further aids her mandate to deliver a Bible-based, science-based, and culturally-sensitive ministry that helps to educate, liberate, claim, and re-claim others so that they may enjoy a personal and fruitful relationship with Jesus Christ. Follow her or contact her on Facebook at “Miriam’s Cup Messages with Min. Karen Williams” or at

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