“Before you take that first step up the mountain……..”

God asked me a hard question the other day: Do I really believe His love is a transforming power?

To be honest, I had to dig deep within myself and face the uncomfortable reality that I don’t believe it strongly enough. And this can be deadly if I truly want to transform culture.

His word admonishes us: “How can we neglect such a great salvation?. Yet, we do it all the time. I know Christians who don’t really believe He wants to, or can, heal people. Surely no one is being raised from the dead! And sin? Well, we are going to Heaven but will never be made whole this side of it. We just need to keep going to our self-help programs and in many cases, we were just born that way in this imperfect world. I’ve even heard Christians state: “I’m a celibate lesbian.” Would I accept my husband saying he’s a non-practicing adulterer? I don’t think so!

I believe that the problem with the church being so dormant and powerless in the earth is that when push comes to shove, we don’t really believe in the power of the resurrection to transform lives, let alone the world. Many of us try to transform ourselves and others through human effort and works. If that was enough, I dare say we should be in a much better place than we are!

In order to take our mountains, we’ve got to believe He is who He says He is and does exactly what His word says it will do! He says “I have overcome the world!”. He tells us that we overcome by the Blood and by our testimony. What is our testimony? It is our truth; our proclamation; the word we live by. It is our story. It is where any action of ours begins and ends.

I challenge all of us today to begin 2018 taking stock of Who He Is! Get rid of any hindering belief that can cause us to slip and fall on our mountain. Ask Him to help you understand the transforming power of His love in your life. And then take it to the streets, the families, the corporations, and the governments that need the solutions you have to offer.

He makes our feet as hind’s feet! He sets us secure on the heights: through the power of His salvation, His transforming love!

Joy Van Patten, M.Ed

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