To Take Your Mountain… Have a Caleb Spirit! is all about men and women advancing in the 7 spheres of influence. These seven mountains or spheres in society that mold the way we think are: business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, the family, and religion. We each can play a vital part in transforming society if we choose to be sensitive, obedient, and faithful, to answer what God is calling each of us to do.
No matter who or where you are – you have something significant to contribute. You do and can make a difference in the world. God has uniquely designed and wired you with different gifts, abilities, passions, skill sets, and so much more, to influence those around you for Christ.
In our Destiny Arising Community we like to say, “Give Me My Mountain!” and “Yes you can!” We believe in and support you. In this article I want to talk about taking your mountain.
We have the well-known Bible story of Caleb in Numbers 13 where Moses sent twelve spies out to the Promised Land of Canaan. Caleb was one of the twelve men who were to report back on the conditions there. When they returned ten of the spies gave a bad report and all the reasons why they couldn’t conquer the land. Caleb and Joshua, however, were of a different spirit. They had a spirit of faith. They gave reasons why they could take the Promised Land. Besides, they said the Lord was with them.
Then Caleb told the people in front of Moses to be quiet. And he said, “Let us go up at once and take the land. For we are well able to take it in battle.” Numbers 13:30 NLV. Unfortunately the people were fearful and chose to believe the bad report. They disobeyed God and refused to possess the land. Consequently, they ended up wandering in the wilderness for forty years.

God still had a plan though. He said, "But because my servant Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly, I will bring him into the land he went to, and his descendants will inherit it." Numbers 14:24 NIV.

Six times in Scripture it says Caleb "followed God fully." You could literally say he was a man “filled with pursuing." His heart was so fixed on following God that there was no room for anything else to compete with his firm choice.

The key for Caleb was he knew what belonged to him and he was willing to fight to get it. He didn’t quit or give up. He wholly followed God. Caleb’s persistence paid off and he received his inheritance at the ripe old age of 85, strong as ever. God was faithful.

I believe we all inherently know there is so much more than we are fully experiencing right now. We know there is a promised land and that God is faithful. The question remains: Are we committed to doing our part no matter what it takes in order to receive our full inheritance?

Do you have a different spirit of faith like Caleb? If so, you can take your mountain too!

Here are three keys to help you take your mountain like Caleb. If he could do it so can you. God is no respecter of persons and He will guide and strengthen you by the power of His Holy Spirit.

1. Believe God’s Word. No matter what it looks like – trust God.

When the others only saw obstacles Caleb saw possibilities.

2. Be perseverant. Caleb suffered disappointment when denied immediate

access to the Promised Land, but he didn’t let that dampen or weaken

His spirit of faith. He persisted and remained true to God’s promises.

3. Be willing to fight the battles. Fight the good fight of faith. There will be

obstacles, opposition, and giants to overcome, but keep the prize in

sight. See yourself with the victory and don’t give up or quit.

I also want to leave you with some leading questions to ponder and ask yourself.

They are not to overwhelm you but to guide you on your way up. If you were to assess your spiritual journey, where would you say you are on the “me mountain” right now?

Have you clearly defined what and where that me mountain is?

Do you know your “Big Why” for climbing the mountain?

Have you counted the cost and know what it will take to successfully climb it?

Have you set some goals to reach the top or a destination somewhere on that mountain?

Do you have a game plan or strategy in place to take your mountain and what is it?

Will you be climbing alone or do you have a team or support system in place?

Where does faith and prayer fit into your climb upwards?

What obstacles or giants are holding you back from climbing the mountain or reaching the top?

Do you have what you need to begin and to continue climbing?

Are you committed to reaching your goals and destination no matter what?

Is the mountain even in sight right now?

Have you begun to climb?

Are you making progress or are you stuck somewhere on the mountain?

Are you going around that same mountain one more time?

Do you know how to get unstuck?

Who and what will help you get unstuck?

How will you know you have arrived?

What will it feel like when you reach the summit or arrive at your destination?

What’s next after you take your mountain?

I pray you will allow these questions to guide you on your journey and help you in the process of taking your mountain. Always remember God is on your side and wants to help you take your mountain(s). Many people operate in more than one mountain of influence.

Blessings to be bold and courageous and to take your mountain(s). Yes you can!

Nancy Slocum A pen in God’s hand giving Love a voice

You are blessed for God’s full intention over your life to be manifested!


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