The Faith Mountain

March is the Faith Mountain. And I would like to highlight the church in this article.

On March 15 I arrived to Monterrey, Mexico where I had the opportunity to minister at 3 different gatherings. I spoke at Women with Destiny along with

Dr. Theresa Philips who spoke via the internet. There were around 90 women who were very interested in what the 7 Mountains were and wanted to find out more about how they can influence their sphere of influence. These women were very hungry they gathered from many areas near Monterrey Mexico. Learning who they are in Christ and realizing that God saw them and knew them in the womb before they were born and learning to know who they are was very empowering for these women.

Pastor Ingrid Fiehn hosted these gatherings of women. The church is hungry to know how they can be a positive influence and that they can do the dreams that God placed in their hearts. The second gathering was a group of about 150 Women Pastors from all over Mexico. We met in Monterrey and had a wonderful time together. Women coming together to rise and worship and be a blessing to each other in unity and love is very powerful.

When they realized how much the Father God loves them and how much he has called them and empowered them to disciple nations was an eye opener. Sometimes women feel inferior to men and they believe lies about themselves that God didn’t created them to believe. Once again Dr. Theresa Philip shared love and encouragement with these women telling they Yes You Can, do the things in your heart and the dreams that you dream.


I shared from “Women You Can Lead” and many of these women heard for the first time the truth about leadership, that they were not God’s second choice. The church needs powerful women and men to do the work of the Kingdom, so we can reach many people for Christ.

The church is full of men and women who are hungry for more of God. We want to see Jesus lifted up and draw all men unto himself. The idea that the church has been silent for so many years and has not advanced the righteousness of God is ending.

The church is a powerful influence in every area of society and each of us as believers bring the Presence of God wherever we go.

On Sunday morning I spoke at House of Prayer, Pastor Ingrid Fehn’s church in San Pedro Mexico. Wow, talk about a church on fire. These men and women are alive and in love with Jesus. They are moving into all that God has called them to be. Many open doors are opening for each of them to go out into the world and be salt and light. God is moving powerfully in the churches in Mexico.

Let’s keep the flame going and make a difference in our churches and in the world. Yes You Can.


The Reverend Paulette Horvath

The Reverend Paulette Horvath is a seasoned leader with more then 20th years of experience building and equipping teams within the the Chicago-land region. Her thesis "Woman you can Lead " is in the process of become a book. You can contact her at

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