"We Must Secure the Foundation of Love On Our Families" Ingrid Fiehn

As many of you, I am shocked about all that is happening with the Family Mountain, not only in the United States, but around the world.

What we see in the world, is only a reflection on how the families are today, if we don’t put a stop to it our society will keep growing in a despiteful direction. I am convinced that only until we start giving the importance and Honor to this mountain we will go into the right direction. The Prince of this world is so happy destroying the family unity… The more he destroys the more territory he wins. 2 timothy 3.1-4 Talks about difficult times and we are in them!

As a society we have lost the true essence of value and honor in our families. We should ask ourselves what we are choosing because it seems that people are choosing to survive at any cost, and have forgotten about love.

Did you know that many diseases are attributed to unloving parents? We have the opportunity to serve in Healing Rooms in Mexico and I can assure you that every day we receive people that have unprecedented family breakdowns and in a sense at the same time because of these situations they are also living lives with unprecedented social challenges and physical illness. This is just not right and this has to stop! Another question, did you know that Doctors have said that diseases are linked to psychosomatic sources and sadness does weakens the immune system? All of these situations in our society make room for the physical manifestation of many illness.

I invite every one of us to really ask ourselves what are we believing and what are we choosing to teach our children in our homes? If we can say that the # 1 cause of an emotional trauma is a dysfunctional family foundation. We must secure the foundation in our families in Christ!

I pray His PROMISE over all the families of the world Malachi 4: "turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers."

Let’s not forget that family is the Institution that God created. Genesis 1.28 means, parents and their children … So, if we jeopardize this principle it is clear to see a direct violation in humanity, we see sickness, dysfunctionability at home, criminality growth, lawless, drug use, illegal sex activity, homeless and the ball keeps rolling because, people start feeling they don’t fit in the society, so they go to the streets, some end in jail or ill , or even dead …

Today we see more than ever absent Fathers and women trying to fill up a place that no one ever can fill because a father gives IDENTITY to his Son… We must remember that!

That is what we need to remind people... when a Father is absent or a father is abusive is the most damaging factor in an family… A broken family! We must uncover the lies of the enemy and his agenda of breaking families apart!

If the Father and the Mother don’t work on their marriage with a love foundation. Love one another first, and then, their children. If they don’t, it’s an open door for evil to come and steal their joy, their sound mind and their health.

Just remember Families exist when there is love! Choose right! Choose to love again….

In Christ;

Ingrid Fiehn

President Destiny Arising - Mexico Chapter

International Speaker, Pastor of House of Prayer

San Pedro and Director of Healing Rooms Northeast

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