"Taking Your Rightful Place on Education Mountain" Joy VanPatten Summit Speaker

I believe we all leave our mark on every one of the seven mountains throughout our life. It may not be at the top of the mountain but our footprints will be clearly found forming or supporting the base of each mountain!

Regarding the mountain of education, I believe as taxpayers, parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles, and concerned Christian citizens we have an obligation to know what is happening in our schools (public and private!) and how we can make a difference. Our kids’ lives and the future of our nation (world) is at risk if we continue to keep our head in the sand. It is mission-critical that we each get a foothold on Education Mountain and leave the mark of the Kingdom of God!

I found this quote from Peter Marshall, a Scots-American preacher who was twice appointed as Chaplain of the United States Senate:

“Let us not fool ourselves – without Christian education, without the principle of

Christ inculcated into young life, we are simply raising pagans.”

Paganism –in the form of secular humanism – is currently the driving educational philosophy in our public school system. God is nowhere to be found. I know this firsthand as the mom of two students (4th and 11th grades) in our local “conservative county” public school system. They are bombarded with messages of “self”, evolution, promiscuity, LGBTQ agendas, inclusion at all costs, altered American history, globalism, and the like. True Christian ideology is presented as outdated, racist, misogynistic, hate-mongering, limiting, and moronic.

Many of you know this past Fall I was selected to run as a write-in conservative candidate for school board. I was outspoken about a play the high school put on called “She Kills Monsters” (research this abomination for yourself) and was branded public enemy #1 for a season. (I did not win; surprise!) This play included a lesbian kiss and talk of threesomes…..yes, all performed by 15 year olds on a public school stage. Now, I live in a very nice community with a church on every corner. Many of the kids and families involved in this play attend these churches. I got loads of hate mail but only one letter of support from a parent. Not. One. Pastor. Came. Forth. To. Support. Me.

The Bible says this about education: “Train up a child in the way that he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” —Proverbs 22:6 The Hebrew word for “train up” is chanak, which means “to make narrow.” An alternative meaning is “to strangle”—in this context, by choking out the lies. This verse establishes a couple of very important points. First, a child does have to be trained up in the way they should go. Second, the training one receives as a child will guide them when they are older. That’s why education is so important and why Satan has strategically invaded this mountain.

So, what can YOU do? If you immediately want to say “put all our kids in private Christian schools or homeschool” that is not a viable solution for many reasons:

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  • Many cannot afford this option.

  • While I heartily support private schools, homeschooling and parental choice, we must be careful to not look at these as “escape routes” from all that is worldly. Our kids have to learn how to maneuver in the world. If your kids are in private/home schools, it doesn’t negate the responsibility to make a difference in public education.

  • Most kids have to attend public schools: it is a great mission field.

  • We need to support Christian teachers teaching in public schools.

Here are ways you can make a difference:

  1. Know what is happening in your district:

  2. Know your Board members and school officials

  3. Get on your local school’s Facebook page

  4. Get on their email list

  5. Attend public functions: theater productions/concerts/athletics. What they are espousing in the school day-today will be very apparent at these events.

  6. Vote:

  7. For righteous School Board Members

  8. For or against the right levies: change things with your wallet

  9. Know your rights and the rights of students:

  10. Students can lead student-run clubs and movements on school grounds

  11. Volunteer to help these kids

  12. Contact your elected officials to support Christian ideaolgy/morality in our schools

  13. Know the issues that affect kids and make your voice for righteousness known

  14. Volunteer:

  15. Within the classroom

  16. At events

  17. On community committees

  18. School Board Meetings:

  19. Attend them

  20. Get the recordings

  21. Read the minutes

  22. Keep your Pastor and church informed

  23. Seek employment in the school

  24. Let your local Sunday School/local church be powerful:

  25. Teach what isn’t being taught in the schools

  26. Offer tutoring and mentoring

  27. Pray!!!!

  28. Adopt a Christian teacher who is truly serving as a missionary in the school

  29. Keep a list of leaders and issues prevalent in your church and prayer closet

I believe Education Mountain is one of the most critical mandates we all have. I’ve said it before: “Parents: Satan wants your job. Don’t abdicate.” Satan wants the children; he always has. Let’s not make his job easy! Take your place today. The future depends on it.

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Joy Van Patten

Joy Van Patten is a Dynamic Management Consultant, Pastor and Worship Leader who is passionate about unleashing untapped potential in organizations, leadership, teams and individuals. Joy has held senior management positions in large and entrepreneurial organizations, as well as consulted with several Fortune 500 companies during her 25-year professional career.

She and her husband founded PURE Ministries Fellowship in Ohio in 2007 after serving many years in associate pastor/worship leader roles. At PURE, Joy serves as the Senior Pastor.

Joy holds a M.Ed from Xavier University in Organization Development. She holds several certifications in change management, total quality management, emotional intelligence as well as MBTI and DiSC.

To contact Joy:

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