"Women Of Great Influence Are Arising" Prophecy Thru "Patricia King

WOMEN WITH GREAT INFLUENCE ARE ARISING! —a prophetic word— through Patricia King June 4, 2018

I have called My women to arise, says the Lord! It is a day when many anointed and consecrated women will increase in influence – in the market place, business, government, church, media, arts and entertainment, education, and home and family. Yes, on every mountain of influence, My women of influence will arise.

OUT OF THE SECRET PLACE Many have been prepared in the secret place with Me; those who have consecrated themselves to Me and to My purposes will arise leaning on their Beloved and will see new realms of grace, wisdom, power, and wealth released in them and through them. Those who have been in obscurity will arise into visibility for the glory of My name. They will stand in righteousness and boldly declare the truth in love.

THE GENERATIONS WILL RUN TOGETHER The spirit of faith will fill the younger generation of women and they will have a tenacious focus to bring justice into issues that need alignment to the purposes of God. Many will stand in awe of these young ones executing such authority. Even young girls will be an influence amongst their peers and to their teachers and parents.

The older women will arise to mentor the younger women and will also arise to new mandates from the Lord. The generations will run together.

NEW LEVELS OF INTERCESSION A new level of intercession will fill women as they spend time with Me, for I will reveal My plans and purposes to them! They will give birth to revival and to outpourings of My Spirit in their homes, families, workplaces, cities, regions and nations. Many will be called to all-night prayer meetings and will find new grace to pray for extended periods to give birth to My harvest.


Those called into media and the entertainment industry will be favored and doors will open because of My glory and purpose upon this great company of women.

GREAT WEALTH Many women will obtain great wealth in this hour, as I will give them the power to make wealth and they will steward it well for My purposes. They will not love the world or the things of the world because the love of the Father is in them.

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OPPRESSED WOMEN ARISING Women will arise in nations where women have been oppressed. They will rise up strong in Me and will confound the wise of this world. They will wield My Sword of Truth in grace and mercy, bringing alignment in the nations.

Women who have been mistreated, abused, and abandoned will arise in this hour. The pain of the past as they went through their personal Gethsemane's will bring forth fresh anointed oil for their future.

Women of Influence are arising! Arise. Arise. Arise.

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Dr. Patricia King Founder of Patricia King Ministries Email: Website: FB: PatriciaKingPage


A decree is an official proclamation carrying governmental authority. Decree this word daily over your life in the name of your King Jesus.

I decree that: It is my hour to arise and shine because my light has come. In Christ I am a woman of great influence. The light of Christ within me shines in every realm of shadow and darkness I face, bringing forth a powerful radiance of His presence and glory. I am anointed in Christ. I am empowered by Christ. I am wise in Christ. I am blessed in Christ. I am a woman of great influence for Him! I am arising!


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