Prophetic Word & Whats Happening At the Summit Latest News.

As you know we start on Wednesday @ 10 Am..

WOW I've been reading the papers and they are wonderful!

Are you Ready To Just BE!!

I sure am...

I've been getting a sneak preview of the Items For Auction.. O MY!

Whats been donate items that are exquisite and The Artwork OFF THE CHARTS!

Now its time to focus on the NEW thing Thats Happening.. What is that?

I know I know.. you are probably tired of hearing it... BUT it is happening!!

A few years ago we hosted Prophet Kim Clement and Dr Lance Wallnau at the Chicago Prophetic Blast... When we did. We heard Prophet Kim say on our altar IT'S A HAPPENING SOMETHING THAT HAD NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!!

Our lives were in a turnaround state then.... And, we have been moving and shaking mountains ever sense...

The summit may be just what you need to Get Going again

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Prophetic Vision


Dr Theresa Phillips Today I had a Vision. I saw The Hand of GOD come into the Below. He opened it and when he did a MULTITUDE of women from all walks of life came out of the palm of his hand. Then I saw angelic beings come and replace the worn out clothing on the rich and the poor... I kept looking and then I saw something else. A Huge oak tree was there how it got there I don't know. On the branches of that oak tree where boxes wrapped up with beautiful red bows. Some small and some large. Then I heard The Lord say this. Theresa I am going to pass out revelation and GIFTS at this summit. Those in attendance will be transformed! Get Ready for A Huge Blessing says the Lord!!

Yes we-will have live stream as well...

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