“Reviving the American Imagination Through the Media Mountain”

“Let Heaven fill your thoughts...” – Col. 3:2 (The Living Bible)

If you're a Baby Boomer, most likely, the shape or form of something Disney, be it the Magic Kingdom’s candy-colored castle, or Mickey, America’s most beloved gloved mouse, these and other offspring from Walt Disney’s (1901-1966) award-winning imagination, have twinkled their way, with a whisk of Tinkerbelle’s finger, into our country's heart.

And it's possible for contemporary Media Mountaineers (hereafter referred to as Mountaineers) like you and me, to learn a great deal from Disney’s ground-breaking work ethic and foray into the creative imagination, too. I know I have. In fact, I even believe that the entity that is the “Wonderful World of Disney” can offer at least six timeless keys one can use to boost effectivity as a Mountaineer whether you serve in the film; television; creative, commercial, literary and non-fiction writing; social media; or journalism industries. Here’s how.

Key #1. Use Your God-Given Creativity to Craft Your Message and Product.