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The 7 Mountain influence has been around for years, yet now ‘rising’ with prominent influence in respective spheres. Kingdom minded individuals are finding service in their callings in the most unlikely of places – in our case, the marketplace.

Years ago 100-year-old (true) Apostle, Arthur Burt, spoke mightily in Liberty County, Georgia. He stated, “As the church age transitions into the Kingdom age, the gospel of preaching will yield to an even higher gospel of ‘demonstration’ (in the Kingdom age).

The blood of the Lamb and the word of testimony will demonstrate overcoming power – Revelation 12 is packed with understanding.

Remember this, a man without a testimony is a man with a theory. If he isn’t teaching from testimony, he is not providing what he possess (first hand) – BEWARE! “Gold and silver have I none, but SUCH AS I HAVE I GIVE YOU!” The past emphasis on revelation is now showing up as ‘DEMONSTRATION’ – an awesome gospel; backed by testimony, delivered by impartation…an advanced version of revelation.

The lame beggar who received his healing from Peter never heard a Gloria Copeland teaching tape on healing – he instantly received an impartation to “stand up and walk.” Men (women) walking in power (with great testimonies) are imparting the same overcoming power to others, which is an immediate ability to accomplish what previously was unavailable. These gifts are not limited to what religious minds define as gifts.

Territory you are designed to ‘take’ is designed to oppose you…and oppose your assignment to “take it.” Over-comers joining over-comers are dangerous to the world’s system (Babylon). There are giants and thick walls in the promised land:

Let me say again, “THERE ARE GIANTS AND THICK WALLS IN THE PROMISED LAND.” To escape the wilderness, you must routinely face and conquer giants (impossible situations), discouraging circumstance, setback, heartbreak, and difficulty…and the naive mentality of “this just cannot be God, I want my leaks and onions”…but if you know YOU WIN you will fight with courage, while realizing ‘the old man’ will not get in, just as the old generation did not under Moses’ direction. You must get beyond human comprehension to take the land. You must know deep down that what you face cannot have victory over you UNLESS YOU ALLOW IT. YOU MUST HAVE THE NEW MIND OF JOSHUA AND CALEB. Today is the day of your salvation! Moses never decided on a 40-year thing either, he decided on one thing for 40 years; “one day, someday, just not today!” This old mindset must die, or you will die never attaining your inheritance – many today are STUCK right here; waiting and hoping for something to happen instead of mounting a charge and moving! And I’m not talking about getting ahead of God here.

How do you find your purpose? The Religious Church and much of Christianity unknowingly delayed us of true God-appointed purpose with false narratives dividing us as cattle with terms like secular and clergy. If you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. For the most part, I count that one of the biggest blessings of life. Over the span 50 years in business (40 as a man of God), lessons have emerged – 1) My work is my calling. 2) Work with God, not for Him. 3) Don’t work for favor, work with favor. 4) Recognize your appointment from heaven. How do you build something you’ve never seen? Title Deeds of Revelation (God unlocking secret places for you – your future); connecting with over-comers who have a testimony. God doesn’t want us to know His thoughts; He wants us to think them. We can indeed do “all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens us.” We are appointed and anointed in the sphere of our calling.

We are challenged to graduate from ‘deficit’ thinking to a ‘destiny’ mentality – “attending to the works God prepared for us before the foundation of the earth.” When you find ‘your work’ you will likely find your purpose; convergence will link you to key people in the Body. Visionaries and over-comers are those key people that link us to destiny.

We must learn to think from the future; to ‘see it’ and make decisions based on what ‘we see,’ not what we’ve seen. Many are bound to ‘reactive thinking’ from past perspectives and history. God implores is to get passed the past – to think proactively not reactively. To see what you’ve never seen you must ‘see’ with different eyes – only the Holy Spirit can give you this: His wisdom through His gifts to you. A religious spirit will block what God intends. I will say that again, “a religious spirit will block what God intends,” and the false narrative of relegating, as 2nd class, any who are NOT in “full time ministry” has had a major impact in preventing a powerful and real Church, but we are seeing this lie fade like green grass in winter.

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God designed ‘unity’ AS HIS FORCE MULTIPLIER. In the Kingdom, no man is an island – it will not work in a Kingdom environment. The strength of any one individual is multiplied exponentially when connected to something greater than self. Individuals connected to other individuals (convergence), flowing in common purpose have massive ability. Capabilities rise beyond former boundaries – old ceilings become new floors. Accomplishments, previously unattainable, become readily available – the strength and power of the moving herd possesses momentum, know how, confidence, ability. One can put a thousand to flight, two can put ten thousand to flight. What can ten do? The weakest link is suddenly emboldened by group power. A rising tide lifts all boats. The greatest impediment to convergence today is division, single mindedness, individuality, looking out for number one – a little leaven unleaventh THE WHOLE LUMP!

A body is designed to function well unless some part ceases to exist or is broken or sick. Accordingly, the exception to this exciting (rising tide) phenomenon are always individuals seeking ‘personal rights’ while foregoing personal responsibility to the greater good. As unchristian as this may sound, getting those people off the bus is as important as getting the right people on it. A team is not a team when individuals deviate from the structure and flow of the team – when individuals prefer self at the expense of the whole. We, as a body, have battled this cross current in the past.

Perhaps for the first time since Coastal Solar was formed, there seems an almost organic flow as each part lends his/her strength to help another. We aren’t there yet, but we are learning. This sowing among individuals; the unselfish willingness to aid others is creating an invisible flow, producing opportunity and results with much less toil. Unity is to God what division is to the devil. Serve each other; help each other. Freely give and it will be freely given to you. Find those of destiny. Find your calling. Find what produces the greatest joy in you and thrive – God loves it!


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