Thank You Destiny Arising And...

Dear Members and Subscribers & Mountaineers!

We have had an action packed year~!

The Summit was in July and we learned so much. We will have downloads of each paper for you in the near future. Johnny Enlow was so real and dow to earth in his presentation His Wife Elizabeth OZZED with Gods Grace and Love They were fantastic.

NOT To Stop there.

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The Mayor came and Welcomed us to the City and The Local Chamber Welcomed us to the City we wer very honored to have them with us!

We Had representatives form several countries SO DON'T MISS 2019~!

David Cranfill did our streaming. Laura Nieminen is our online broadcasting host!


We had lots of Speakers and Each one did a TOP NOTCH JOB THANK YOU!

Barbara Velez did a lot of work THANK YOU Barbara and Karen for Cooking!

All Our Guests and Presenters THANK YOU!

We opened 2 New Chapters Indiana and Michigan Well Done!! One is being panned in Canada...

Mexico You Are Rocking It See you in 2019!

We had our annual meeting in Ohio in October with Joy Van Patten And it was GREAT! Thanks Joy!

We stated a Youtube Channel and will be adding more videos as they come in.

Please subscribe to the channel and stay abreast with whats happening!

We will be sharing the Vision for 2019 Get Ready!

On live broadcasting will start in February Get Ready!

The 7 Mountains Is becoming a strong influence of Information throughout the world.

Don't stop being a part of what is HAPPENING!

So Everyone THANK YOU!

As you know we are a non profit and we are getting ready to start 2019..

Would you consider an end of the year gift to Destiny Arising?

It would be great appreciated so we can move forward into the year With the Planing of The Studio the Online broadcasting and More...

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THANK YOU And See you in 2019

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