The 7 Mountains By Lance Wallnau

As I met with some people recently i realized many dont not under the Christian perspective of The 7 Mountains Or 7 Spheres of Influence.

These 7's are the cultural impact the world's TOTAL Currency is based upon.

Dr Lance Wallnau lays out the Christian Perspective very well in this video.

Each one of us in the world carry this dynamic Yet often we are not able to realize what it is.

Please enjoy this video!

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Dr. Theresa Phillips, CEO Destiny Arising

David Yarnes

Represents a Unique Voice in business today

He has been a serial entrepreneur for over 30 years

He started owning businesses such as award-winning hotels restaurants and a nationally charted bank. Plus a performing arts center

His range of experience and depth is in high demand as an executive coach consultant and keynote speaker His humor and candor plus spiritual insight give a picture not often seen.

Stevie Knight

Stevie is the founder of 7 Spheres Media, helping equip Kingdom-minded Believers and their companies for influence and impact in the marketplace and serving them through speaking, training and consulting.

Having experienced her own journey through divorce, financial loss and cancer, Stevie has been contending for everything that has been stolen from Believers through ignorance, immaturity, bad choices, trauma and head-on spiritual warfare.

She loves sharing about faith; business and entrepreneurship; personal transformation; and the leverage power of social media and emerging technologies.


Dr. Theresa Phillips Founder& CEO

Destiny Arising

Minister Author Business Woman

Recording Artist Educator

Her Passion is to see The 7 Spheres Occupied by those who hunger to be leaders in the world today.

Theresa Has released 300 Into full time ministry worldwide

Dr. BIllie Regan Deck

Author-Educator Dr. Billie Deck is a dynamic apostolic leader whose hearts' desire is to serve the Lord and see the lives of people changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord ministers the gifts of the Holy Spirit through them especially the gifts of healing, the working of miracles and prophecy.

She will be Teaching Before The Sessions

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