'Credibility And A Spirit of Excellence' Joy VanPatten

Credibility and A Spirit of Excellence: How To Take Media Mountain

If you have any inkling to write a blog, become a social media star, create videos, design websites, report the news, etc., I’m here to tell you the Mountain of Media is ripe for the taking.

In the recent year, we have seen this Mountain shake: fake news, rampant disrespect, lack of professionalism, and a lack of accountability. This means the environment is set for a takeover and God desires that to be orchestrated by His people!

Unfortunately, what I witness out of the Christian camp currently isn’t much better than what I see from the secular camp. We appear to be repeating the same mistakes we claim to hate. I want to address two of the biggest areas that I believe, if we do it right, can help anyone called to Media Mountain accelerate up the Mountain quickly and begin to occupy. The two areas I want to address are: Credibility and a Spirit of Excellence.


How many articles and “facts” have I seen reposted by Christians that are simply not true? All it would’ve taken was a quick fact check to uncover the lies but we are either too gullible or too lazy to perform this necessary next step.

The sad part is that usually a non-believer discovers our error and our credibility (read: witness) is greatly compromised.

If you want to occupy the Media Mountain, you have got to be a credible source!

If you can’t fact check, don’t post. It really is that simple.

Integrity is a hallmark of our calling in Christ. We know The Truth….. we cannot present a lie.

It is also to imperative to understand fact vs. opinion vs. biased journalism. Know the difference! It is ok to state an opinion if you declare it as such. If you know something is written in favor of a particular point of view, state it as such.

Just don’t present them as “facts” or “truth”.


God cares about being represented well: you are His ambassador. Imagine if an ambassador from another nation came to visit our President and dressed slovenly, couldn’t speak correctly or presented a broken gift. That wouldn’t sit well with us at all. We’d be very quick to dismiss their visit and would assume they really didn’t care about the importance of the meeting.

The same is true in regards to the image we present to the public. We need to represent Him and His Kingdom well! He is Excellent; He is Beautiful; He is Perfect in all His Ways.

It is like fingernails on a chalkboard for me to see messages from credible leaders that are filled with misspellings or improper grammar.

It greatly diminishes how the world perceives us and our message. We have so many tools at our disposal: autocorrect/grammar help/spell check/etc.

We need to use them. It takes just a bit more effort but the return is so worth it.

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When doing a webcast or video: look the part; ensure the backdrop/environment is appropriate; ensure your phone/equipment is charged; ensure audio is working; speak a well-thought out speech. Very few speakers are polished enough to just “wing-it”. If you don’t do well live, simply record it and post.

Care enough about Who you represent, Your audience and Your message to deliver it well. You want it to be heard!

It’s time for us to shine.

It’s time for the world to see His gifting in us. Put your best out there. Let’s show them a difference. Let’s take Media Mountain!

Joy Van Patten


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