'Credibility And A Spirit of Excellence' Joy VanPatten

Credibility and A Spirit of Excellence: How To Take Media Mountain

If you have any inkling to write a blog, become a social media star, create videos, design websites, report the news, etc., I’m here to tell you the Mountain of Media is ripe for the taking.

In the recent year, we have seen this Mountain shake: fake news, rampant disrespect, lack of professionalism, and a lack of accountability. This means the environment is set for a takeover and God desires that to be orchestrated by His people!

Unfortunately, what I witness out of the Christian camp currently isn’t much better than what I see from the secular camp. We appear to be repeating the same mistakes we claim to hate. I want to address two of the biggest areas that I believe, if we do it right, can help anyone called to Media Mountain accelerate up the Mountain quickly and begin to occupy. The two areas I want to address are: Credibility and a Spirit of Excellence.


How many articles and “facts” have I seen reposted by Christians that are simply not true? All it would’ve taken was a quick fact check to uncover the lies but we are either too gullible or too lazy to perform this necessary next step.

The sad part is that usually a non-believer discovers our error and our credibility (read: witness) is greatly compromised.

If you want to occupy the Media Mountain, you have got to be a credible source!

If you can’t fact check, don’t post. It really is tha