Melody Barker Advisor A Message Event Planning Live Broadcast 25 Mar 6 PM CDT

Melody Barker is one of our Advisors She is a speaker author coach and mentor.

This message falls into the entertainment Faith and Family Mountains.

Melody Barker is best known for teaching and training. Her interaction with those in attendance is thought-provoking and memorable. She loves the opportunity to speak into the lives of those attending in person or watching via live streaming. Melody ahs been with Destiny Arising for 3 Years as an adviser and speaker

She carrie such insight and thoughtfulness.

She is creative and administrative in various ways.

We are blessed to have her on our Team

She recently did a facebook post on Event Planning .

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There are different functions that are achieved by the people on your team. One of the best things you can do for your team is give them a point person, a go-to if you will. Having one person coordinate the major event details as well as organize the smaller ones will give your team the ability to do their jobs at peak performance. If you or your team are not used to doing an event or maybe you get bored with the details, consider bringing in an Event Planner (EP) or Event Coordinator (EC). You are the client. The event is your project. There are a million decisions that need to be made. I will meet with you as the client. The focus of the meeting is to hear your heart for what you want. Identify your budget and then work with your team to make the event as amazing as you would hope it would be. The Event Planning includes advertising, social networking, site visits, menu planning, booking entertainment or musicians, coordinating with the staff and or volunteers needed, and facilitating clean up. At the end of the day, you’ll be elated with the satisfaction of bringing your event to life!

Melody will go further and take Questions Make plans to be on line for this :)

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