'How Can We Affect the Family Mountain?' Laura Nieminen

The Family Mountain is one where we all find ourselves. We are all part of a family. We all came from a family. And even if we have no blood relatives around us, we are part of the family of God is we are followers of Jesus.

So what are some ways we can be influencers on the family mountain?

There are several current issues which are affecting the family mountain today. Vaccines, forced indoctrination of children in the schools affects the family mountain, removal of children from the home by the State through Child Protective Services depending upon the reason, abortion by an unwed mother could have a different outcome if there were a family to take the unwanted baby, children in the Foster Care system who need adoptive families, even babies who are in orphanages in other nations who need adoptive families. These are just a few places where you might step forward and speak up with the possibility of making a difference and influencing what happens on the family mountain. I'm only going to focus on one for this article. However, you could pick any of the above topics and start your research with prayer, asking God how He would have you get involved and at what level. Prayer might be all that you are called to do. If so, do it armed with knowledge that informs your prayers.

Be Passionate - Be Informed

The level of your involvement may depend upon how passionate you are about the issue that has taken hold of your heart. You may be a lawyer and want to get involved in things from a legal side. You may not be a lawyer and wonder, "What difference can one person make?" Well, one voice can begin the sound of a chorus of voices, those who are telling the stories of those who have been affected by a child or an individual who has been injured or even killed by a supposedly "safe" vaccine. I used to think those stories were far and few between. When it's not you or someone you know, it's much easier to think about the incident in a probability mindset. "Yes, 4 in 1 million could react or have an allergic kind of reaction to that vaccine." The more people speak up and tell their stories, the harder it is to ignore. Also, with the advent of social media and facebook, these stories are being heard more often. It's atrocious to think that the drug companies are now immune from being held responsible for injury or even death due to "side effects that were unavoidable". You can read 42 U.S. Code § 300aa–22.Standards of responsibility for yourself, here:

It has been law and in effect since October 1, 1988. Is it any wonder then that the number of vaccines recommended for babies has risen since then?

Don’t Forget Your Prayers

If we arm ourselves with information and knowledge, we can begin to share that knowledge with those around us. As we do that we become influential in the family mountain. Our prayers can also be more effective because we are aware of the current situation, thereby knowing how to pray and adding to that our prayers in the spirit for those aspects of the issue for which we don't know how to pray.

How Can We Affect the Family Mountain?

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