Notice To Members Changes Are Coming!

Are you a Member of Destiny Arising?...

Dear friends,


We are certainly going to a higher level from this summit.

So many people were totally transformed and we are so grateful!

New Things Happening and its Time to Engage!

As Destiny Arising is preparing to move forward we need to know if you are still with us?

Some of you have not renewed your membership.

If you want to grow with us we ask you to do so...ASAP.

Here is the Membership Link

This will NOT remove you from The Eblast and tools we release here.

We don't want you to go!

But the PRIVATE Facebook Page is For Members Only.

The Private Facebook Page Is Here

If you cannot Renew due to circumstances Please respond to this email at

Really We Love you!

Just a Reminder:

What you membership means.

1 Access to Private Facebook Page

2 Added Sessions of Leadership skill Broadcasts

3 Discounts on Selected Items

4 Private 1 On 1 Mentorship with Team Leaders ( Info Coming)

5 On line Group Sessions

More to come YAY

Pray for us as we move forward

Being part of Destiny Arising will help you develop your life as a Kingdom Dweller and Ambassador.

If you cannot financially stay with us?

Please inbox Dr Theresa Phillips at

So Blessings to you all!

God Bless you all! And Remember YOU ARE AWESOME!

The Team

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