Why Do You Want My Presence You Don't Do Anything. Dave Yarnes

I know this statement sounds shocking, but I feel like this is exactly what the Lord spoke to me. There was a period in my life when I sensed “higher ground.” I knew there was a deeper alignment with Christ, and I could feel like it was just beyond my reach. I continually prayed for His presence and power to come over me, and then I heard him say, “Why do you want My presence—you don’t do anything.” This sounds harsh, but it was God’s way of waking me up to one crucial key to the Kingdom. I call this the Law of Application. Think of a power outlet in the room you are sitting in now—there is untapped potential there. You could plug in a toaster, a welder, or any type of appliance or computer. But if nothing is plugged in, that potential remains latent.

Subscribe To Destiny Arising So it is with us. After I heard the Lord ask this question of me, I began to talk to the Lord about different initiatives I would like to do. And sure enough, His promise came that He would be there with me, not only to provide insight, grace, and wisdom, but to show up with His presence and power. It has been an exciting ride ever since. I want to encourage you in this Law of Application—as we want to get closer to God, there are needs all around us. There are people we brush elbows with every day, in the workplace and the marketplace, who need a tangible expression of the Kingdom of God. Whether it is through your job, through your prayers, or through stepping out of your comfort zone, I want to encourage you that some of the most extraordinary encounters with God that I have ever had have come as a result of me reaching out to His people who do not yet know Him. Let this be our motto—we are looking to expand the Kingdom, soul by soul, business by business, city by city, nation by nation. I want to encourage you that you can live that that rich, fulfilling life you were designed for. If we can help you in any way, let us know at

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