August is the Business Mountain Fox Valley Chapter Presents Our CEO Dr Theresa Phillips

The Business Mountain August!

Arcedium Coffeehouse 1- 3 PM 3 August Our Own President Dr. Theresa Phillips will be speaking! Dr. Theresa Phillips Is not only A Minister but she is an Entrepreneur A 3 Time Business Owner! She is the Founder and CEO of The Organization Destiny Arising Become a Member Here Her companies are Redeem And Renew Skin Solutions LLC Royal Scents A Kings Oil And Several Online Publications Sites! Listen to her journey as she shares her story about how things really got started! Her Struggles and her Passions! Theresa will share how she started her business’s and how they have developed. She will give practical insights to using web sites, live shows and marketing do’s and don’ts. Her companies have grown to worldwide distribution. Her personal Motto is YES YOU CAN!

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