A New Sound Must Come Forth Barbara Velez

We are approaching a season in which Christians need to enter a new expression of faith. Don’t get me wrong, same Christ, same gospel but a new sound, a new way of expressing who we are in Christ. We must find our voice and a new sound must come forth. The new decade that starts in 2020 will bring a transition like no other in which we must enter a new way of releasing and manifest what we see in the heavens here on earth.

“your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” Matthew 6:10

I believe the year 2020 will mark a 10-year cycle in which we must bring changes in our sphere of influence by embracing who we are in Christ. You have been given a voice, a unique sound that must be brought forth. The sound of heaven must be released to give glory to God.

If you have ever studied the times and the seasons using the pictograms found in the Hebraic language, you will see that 2020 in the Gregorian calendar is (for most of the year) the year 5780. In the Hebrew language, each number or numerical value is represented by a letter. Letters also represent pictures, images, and sounds.

For the purpose of communication, I will only refer to the number 80 which is the 10-year period at hand. In Hebrew the number 80 is represented by using the letter/character “PEY” which means[1]“mouth” and by extension, it could also mean “word”, “expression”, “vocalization”, “speech’ and “breath”. God created using the word… the word through speech. As you enter this new 10-year season remember that your voice matters and that you must release your sound. That unique thing that God has placed in your heart.

You must see it visualize it and embrace it in your heart so you can manifest it and release it with your mouth! Your voice will carry forth the manifestation by releasing that what you have seen into the atmosphere so you can move in it. Your voice will release movement!

But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart, and these defile them. Matthew 15:18

In the beginning God created what he “saw” in the realm of imagination by speaking and the word brought forth the manifestation the unseen to be seen. Then, God saw that what manifested was good. Genesis 1-2, John 1

The Hebrew letter ‘PEY is also the seventeenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet: The spiritual number 17 means ‘Victory’. As you manifest your purposefully in the earth you will not only know that you are victorious in Christ, but you will manifest the Victory we have in Christ! This victory must come forward by speaking forth God’s truth found in His word through Jesus.

These will become foundational as we move ahead. To live purposely and release your voice you must find Christ your,

Way- Walk doing everything as unto the Lord. Knowing that as you walk your testimony will bring forth something unique to those you relate with. Your walk will bring changes to those surrounding you. John 1: 4-14

Truth – Establish yourself in God’s truth. This will allow you to stay firm. Your belt of truth must hold the armor together. Eph 6:10-20

Life- You must live life to the fullest. Without fear because God is with you and he has already conquered! Therefore, you are victorious.

John 15. In the world, you will have affliction but trust I have conquered

A new expression and a new sound must be release purposely, a unique expression on the earth. You have a part, a unique sound and a voice/expression that needs to be released. It is time, we need you to tap into the uniqueness that God has printed in you.

In Christ,

Barbara Velez

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