I heard the Lord say. “They think they are so wise with their identity politics and they

thought “If we just run a woman they will vote for her but WATCH WHAT I AM ABOUT TO DO for I will seat many women who have a heart like mine in their places and the gallow that they built to remove my people from office I will use to destroy their evil plots. For I have many Esthers in place, ready to be seated in places of authority that will TURN THE TIDE on a crooked administration that has sought to destroy My people and shut down My kingdom business. Yes, many women who are beautiful inside and out with the wisdom of the kingdom will make their mark in this season and they will not fear those who try and cancel them and their people, but will use the keys to the kingdom to open doors for kingdom policies to overrule the decrees of the Hamans of their day and it will be said of them that they were brought to the kingdom FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS and they shall save my people alive in many regions of their domains!” They will decree a thing and so shall it be established! They shall rule with my wisdom and all will see who has the favor of the king and who has not!”

Arise, Shine!

Jo Ellen Stevens TCIC Ministries

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