Are you making this common mistake in pursuing your vision?

Dear; Destiny Arising Members

The biggest mistake that I've seen leaders make in pursuing their vision is that they don't get specific help they need to take the doable step.

In other words, they are too close to the trees to see the forest.

We'll never know how many goes to their grave with out having completed what God gave them to accomplish because of blind spot.

Here are few examples of leaders who were to the close to the situation and made the wrong decision.

  • Church planter and serial entrepreneur who ignore a prophetic warning about NOT aligning with a particular person. He went ahead and aligned with the individual with cost him his funding, his contracts, and his reputation.

  • A business partner who rejected a word of wisdom to stop all activities until resolution was brought to a particular issue. He charged ahead anyway which led to break down of the relationship with his partner.

  • A man stewarding several God-inspired patents who made his vision his idol. He refused to repent and ended up losing everything, including the patents.

In each of these actual scenarios from clients of mine, they thought that their wisdom was better than the Holy Spirit's and they paid the price.

If you want to ensure that you walk with Holy Spirit’s wisdom and fulfill your vision, please make sure to participate in the upcoming training May 11 @ 6pm.

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5 Uses and 5 Misuses of the Prophetic in Accomplishing Your Vision

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See you soon,

Dr. Cheryl-Ann Needham

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