As One We Grow Our Spheres Of Influence Yes Together

The International Summit In Chicago
The International Summit In Chicago

The Mission is Clear

The Mandates are Given.

But we need help!

This is why we work AS ONE.

Destiny Arising is Going on the Road

We will be in Maineville Ohio

Sept 29- Oct 30

But this can't be complete without You!.

Dr Theresa Phillips Founder
Dr Theresa Phillips Founder

Our life is always challenged to " Measure Up".

But I know I need to know what these speakers are sharing.


Because I have a vision a hope and dream and I want it to happen.

I trust these voices They Speak Life!

Here is what Johnny Enlow Said when he was with us before Covid

Each day we edge closer to the Summit i find myself saying O Lord Help me Grow Help me in these times of confusion and identity losses.. And I have a Message He gave me!!

But here we are Letting Destiny Arise once again. Let Your Destiny Arise!

I have a word...

Don't give up.

Don't give in.

Don't feel lost.

Do have hope.

Do release your sound.

Do be brave.

We Are For YOU

Paulette Horvath at Chapter Meeting 2019

I couldn't Get to Mexico So I did a Virtual Broadcast To The Chapter There!

It's Great to be a part of a movement that believes in each other.

I want to meet you in Ohio Register Today ...

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