Chapter Meeting Fox Valley Film Producer Carmita Cook

October is Arts and Entertainment Month

1150 North 5th Avenue Saint Charles IL

1 - 3 PM Don't Miss this!

Our Guest is Carmita Cook

She is amazing She is presently on her 2nd film And she is ROCKING IT!

Filming and Producing and Praying all along the way!

She is going to take Hollywood for the GOOD!

Her message?

Discover your passion and give it Life

It's a Family thing

Her Husband is a OUTSTANDING worship leader songwriter and musician.

Her son has already been in films in Hollywood Including Hallmark

Her Daughters are makeup artists and Models

This you dont want to miss

Come hear her story Get inspired and Motivated in your CREATIVE calling!

Check out this Video its her work

"GLITTERSTONE" - IPhone Short Film | Comedy by Carmita Cook

Maybe you need a Commercial?

Register Call Karen 630 2232 6562 Or Just Show up!

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