Do you Know the Type of Leader you Are Meant To Be?

It really Time to increase your influence in these days!

So many have take to social media to ensure they advance their destinies.

What if your destiny is not on social media?

What if you dont understand the 7 Mountains?

What if you feel that you dont qualify?

What if your life ahs face hard knocks and you feel discouraged?

We may have answers for you at this Symposium!

Dave Yarns and i had an awesome conversation the other day He is backing this movement and is so encouraging

I'd like to personally invite you to be online with us for Increasing your Influence Symposium.

We have experts in all 7 Spheres of influence to help guide us all through the riches of the Kingdom.

As we have been developing Destiny Arising I want to assure you that This Is YOUR TIME and this is the day and hour for you to be successful at home and everywhere else.

We do have an early bird rate!

Dave Yarns Stevie Knight Theresa Phillips and 4 Other speaker and Live Worship from Damon Stuart and Others It's going to Be EPIC

We have experts who are prepared to bring you to the next level of expertise!

Well it's your time to SOAR and Grow And Be The SUCCESS you're called to be!

We have experts who are prepared to bring you to the next level of expertise!

Business Growth!

Educational Tools

Family Participation!

Faith Involvement!

Governmental Roles!

Artistic Expression!

Media Know Hows!

Don't miss your time Don't miss your Destiny Don't Miss out!

Thank you ever so much

Dr Theresa Phillips

Founder and CEO of Destiny Arising

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