Getting Up To Date! Exciting News July 22 6 PM CDT

Hello everyone have you registered yet for the summit? Seating is Limited!

We are so honored that Dr Dave Yarnes will be with us again.

He is an amazing man who carrine and great WEALTH TRANSFER OF KNOWLEDGE!

He will be on a Broadcast with us in August! YAY

In the meantime...We have some exciting news for you!

We will have a Up to date Broadcast July 22 With some surprise Guests!


Don't miss this because some things are going to be released just for you!

Could you do us a GREAT FAVOR??? Could you share this far and wide?

Due to covid we have some people that have just not been in sync yet so help us get this rolling ok?

It's always a pleasure to bring you up to date with some exciting news.

O YES we have exciting News to be released to you July 22 6 PM CDT REGISTER HERE


Don't forget to register for the Summit It's going t6o be awesome! Early Bird Rate

(saving 60.00) ends soon! SUMMIT


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