Hello Everyone!Great News A Message From Dr Theresa Phillips

Hello Dear Friends! What a time we live in?

The Lockdowns. The frustrations. The Anxieties

We've all been through it .

Now it time to reset.

So let do it by getting together with the Team.

We will lay out the new vision we will take questions and we will support YOU!.

Join us LIve on April 29 @ 7 PM CDT as we shar what's happening! It's going to b exciting that's for sure We are excited to bring it to you!

So join us LIVE and participate listen and enjoy the New Season We Are In!

Its time to Reset and get into Motion once again.

We will cover the mandates.

The Upcoming Summit

And What's next.

Join us Live April 29 @ 7 PM CDT

Thank you ever so much

Climb On!

Dr. Theresa Phillips


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