Joy VanPatten Epiphany.... A Great Read

Participating in a pretty intense professional development workshop over last two days. Had epiphany as I was writing on the topic of “finding your purpose”: if you don’t know your divine purpose, a counterfeit will rise up to rob you of your destiny. It will suck the life out of you but will have a semblance of “calling” and seem right. This counterfeit will keep you in a rut and will not produce lasting fruit. For me, I saw in the past where my calling to “unleash people’s potential” actually resulted in me being an enabler and rescuer. It nearly destroyed me. God wants you to discover your divine purpose. He will not hide it from you and it will be a place of productivity, peace and fulfillment.

Joy is Vice President of Destiny Arising

She's a Musician Vocalist She in the Government Mountain and Busies Mountains She is an Educator and Spiritual leader She is someone to get to know Here is her Facebook Page

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She will be representing Destiny Arising As one of the team at the Conference in October

The Kingdom Business Association (KBA) is a premier international association of Christian, “kingdom-minded” business owners and marketplace leaders. Our focus is building relationships with like-minded believers in the marketplace, provide teaching, prophetic insight, and resources to advance the kingdom of God in the business world.

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