'Keep Hope Alive' From Leader Paulette Horvath

Keep Hope Alive

This has been a year of many challenges and opportunities to turn a challenge into an opportunity.

You are not hopeless. There are creative ways to keep hope alive. We must make a choice to keep

Hoping no matter what our circumstances look like.

After you make that choice borrow hope from your past experiences of success. And recall those successes and decide to turn them into gratitude. Gratitude will empower you to keep going.

Stop listening to the negative voices. Here is a little story about two frogs walking through the forest and they both fell into a deep hole. They began to jump repeatedly, and as they were jumping there where other frogs just telling them to quit and stop jumping. Both frogs were getting tired.

One of the frogs quit and fell to his death. The other frog kept trying and trying until he jumped high enough to jump out of the hole. After he got out the other frogs asked him why he kept jumping. And he said its simple I am deaf. Moral of the story do not listen to negative voices or negative self-talk, keep trying.

No matter how much the world tries to hold you back, always continue with the belief that what you want to achieve is possible. Believing you can become successful is the most important step in achieving it.

Think out of the box. Be creative in your thinking and actions. Here is another little story about thinking that way.

There was a farmer who was in deep debt and owed the lender more than he could ever pay. The farmer had a daughter that the man wanted to marry. So he came up with an idea that would forgive the debt and allow the man to marry the farmer's daughter. He said he would pick up two stones, one white and one black one and place them in a bag. The girl would then pick one of the stones and if it was white her father would be out of debt and the girl would be free, but if she picked the black one her father would be out of debt but the girl would have to marry the man. So the girl watched as the man picked up the stones, and she saw that he had picked up two black stones, so she choice a stone and it was black but she dropped the stone in the gravel, and said oh I am so sorry. But we will be able to know what stone I chose because the one left in the bag will reveal the color of the stone I dropped. And of course the one still in the bag was black, which meant she had chosen the white one.

Out of the box thinking saved the day. When looking for solutions sometimes we need to think out of the box.

Always keep hope alive. View your dreams and plans like seeds If you plant corn, it will come up after some time. If you plant an acorn it will grow into an oak tree The difference is the time it takes to see

The final outcome. Your dreams will come true, it may take time. Keep going don’t quit.

1. Choose hope

2. Borrow from pass experience

3. Use gratitude as fuel

4. Do not listen to negative voices

5. Be creative in out of the box thinking

6. Never give up

7. Your time of gestation will come

Paulette Horvath

Destiny Arising Team Builder Leader

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