Merry Christmas From Destiny Arising

The Mountains Declare the Presence of The King He reigns and governs from the highest realms.

YOU are invited daily to participate in the Presence of admonishing high realms of joy peace and good news!

Jesus our savior born the Prince of Peace REIGNS as King of Kings!

The process had its ups and downs

Yet he rose from the dead and gives us life today

Praise His Holy Name!

As we come closer to the celebration of Christmas Day let us all reflect on the plans and purpose GOD had for His son...

The Almighty has plans and purpose for you and me as well!

You and I are called to great things!

We are the success of our Creator!

You are the purpose of the world And YOU are AMAZING!

And you are invited to the Summit

It will over above and BEYOND any expectation


Need some refreshment?

Try this youtube its so wonderful we are playing all day long

I bid you Peace Joy and Courage Merry Christmas


Dr. Theresa Phillips

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