Morning Regrets... Laura Prather

Passion is synonymous with business because it's the tinder that gets any business started. Passion also acts like the bellows needed to fan the flames when doldrums and tough days set it.

However, passion has its place.

Which means it doesn't occupy every space of running a business. In fact, passion, just like a fire, can destroy a business.


Passion makes us do dumb things.

Passion is emotion. Raw emotion. There's no thinking or logic involved. It's reckless and impulsive. Passion stirs up our adrenaline and removes the fear-factor when our doubts and over-thinking get in the way.

Passion is great when it's contained, but deadly when don't use self-control.

How many times have I made a purchase for a software program, a course, a piece of home office equipment or decor that I JUST HAVE TO HAVE only to realize the next day that I made a terrible decision? Or maybe in a fit of frustration or excitement, made a business decision that cost me a client or I took on a client I shouldn't have? 

KEEPING IT REAL:  I can recall the many, many times I went to market as a boutique owner full of enthusiasm and excitement at the new products and apparel. I gushed over the new designs and wanted it all in my store. Suddenly, I forgot about any budget and imagined how everything would look in my store and was certain my customers would be in love with everything! It was easy to place large orders for something I wasn't going to have to pay for, for another 3, 6, or 9 months. I always left with arms full of catalogs, product samples...and invoices...that eventually came due.

It never failed. Every time, I had "morning regrets". I'd pull out the invoices, add them up, and then have to cancel at least half of my orders. Sometimes I couldn't bring myself to cancel and as a result, a few times I was stuck with a bill I couldn't pay.

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Passion can also cloud our judgment when we need to change directions, make decisions on who to work with, lay down a pet project or be teachable when a mentor or coach offers a fresh perspective. 

Passion may be the catalyst to start a business and keep it going when times are tough, but it's self-control and determination that grows business and keeps it healthy.