Pivoting With Purpose Dr Joseph Umidi

Pivoting with Purpose

My grandfather seemed to play golf or bowl every-day in his retirement. He learned to pivot in his stance and played a decent game in both…even a perfect score once in bowling. I only wish he pivoted with a purpose to prepare me to navigate what I am facing today. Like…

  • How can I lead my kids and grandkids to pivot the negative media influence into a positive approach to their life choices?

  • What wisdom do I have for some of the big decisions younger leaders are needing to make without giving them advice they didn’t ask for?

  • Where are the creative options I can help others find when they feel trapped by circumstances beyond their control?

  • When will I show myself and others that we really can make a living doing what we love with purpose and passion?

I sense that there are key people in your life who are wishing the same from you that I did from my Third Act grandfather. This is why I am asking you to be part of this Third Act Pivoting for 2021 that will not disappoint you or them.

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I know you already have pivoted with the pandemic, the new protocols at work, even the new ways of parenting required. But with a new sense of purpose we can be empowered to make those changes focused, meaningful, and productive... at home and at work.

I know because three years ago, in one of my own Third Act pivoting moments, it happened to me. I discovered that the purpose and passion in my Third Act was to help many others have the conversations and mentoring moments to get into a much larger game.

I am not against the retire moments. But I am sold out to help you have the 'refire' moments where they count. We can do that now and into 2021 and not miss the opportunities we will have to pivot with a purpose.

Let’s do this together,

Dr. Joseph Umidi




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