Please Dont Panic! Dr Theresa Phillips

Hello Everyone!

How is your faith boosting amid the panic world wide?

I'm praying for your faith to increase daily and Bid you Peace in all things!

I'd also like to take this time to give a reminder ....

in 2018 At the International Summit I gave each attendee a Bottle of Iconic Silver Drops.. Many of you were there.

What is amazing is if you still have them USE then 5 Drops in one 16 Oz bottle of water or liquid will divert viruses and can turn the tide of sickness.

When I gave those drops my heart was filled with the desire to help anyone who needed them.

I have sent drops all over the world and our Lab sends them to impoverished countries.

Im asking those of you who got them to remember they have a 20 year shelf life.

There are 640 drops per bottle and that is a 3 Month supply per person.

If you would like to know more about these drops

Please go Here

I also want to remind you that We Are people of faith and faith is the best thing.

Fear has torment and please dont panic. With GOD and helps it's a win win situation.


Don't forget the summit in June is coming up and only 100 seats remain!

We will be at the Northern IL Food bank Conference Center

It will be awesome. I have been sensing this event will be so riveting...

Don't Miss Your Opportunity to Grow a Your Sphere of Influence and Develop skills for your Dreams

This is IT for you and Get Ready!!And MORE

Hi Everyone!

We are working out the details for the upcoming summit!

It's looking great!

Yes Dave Yarns and Stevie Knight are Returning!

Are you ready to say It's MY TIME?

I've been hearing so many say i've been waiting and waiting !

Well it's your time to SOAR and Grow And Be The SUCCESS you're called to be!

We have experts who are prepared to bring you to the next level of expertise!

Business Growth!

Educational Tools

Family Participation!

Faith Involvement!

Governmental Roles!

Artistic Expression!

Media Know Hows!

Your Yes is the First Key to Your Success!

Team Members Register HERE

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