REG NOW!Barbie Breathitt Dave Yarnes Theresa Phillips and 11 More.. Off the Charts!!!

The Summit Starts the 16 You can still Register !!! ALL VIRTUAL!!

Nearly 20 sessions Yes You Can !

Speaker here is Annabelle Wallnau

We have had some amazing Guests!

These are our Former Speakers!

Johnny Enlow

Lynn Lee

Elizabeth Enlow

Bruce Cook

Julie Ann Smith

Brynn Shamp

Barbie Breathitt

Billie Reagan Deck

Dave Yarnes

Joseph Peck

Stevie Knight

Theresa Phillips

Damon Stuart

Karen Tews

Laura Nieminen

Nancy Slocum

Christine Rosenwinkel

Mayor Rogena Of Saint Charles

Alderwoman Rita Anne Payleitner of St Charles

And So Many More...

This movement is growing!




It's Your Time to RESET!

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