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I've spent a lot of time teaching on the 7 Mountains of Culture. For years I focused on Government, Arts, Business and Economics. Then, on two separate occasions, I was a guest speaker for friends who had taped posters depicting the 7 Mountains on the wall. At the highlight of their really big conference, these heavy posters started falling off the wall. Some came crashing down loudly. It was like they were being struck down by invisible hands.

What was God saying? Well, the poster still hanging was...THE FAMILY MOUNTAIN.

There is no doubt about it—family is a higher priority than your church or ministry. It's the FIRST Mountain.

Paul taught that home life has a unique priority in the church arena:

"But if a man does not know how to manage his own household, how will he take care of the Church of God?" (1 Tim. 3:5)

For purposes of this post, the translation could be: "If a man isn't caring for and cultivating the lives of those closest to him, how will he handle a larger group that have less personal ties of endearment?"

A Generation of Digital Nomads

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Here is what God is speaking to me about this:

God is saying, "I am jealous for the next generation." They are a generation longing for connection because they are operating as digital nomads in an electronic culture.

The first nomadic Believers were Abraham's group and these were all ENTREPRENEURS—business people, not temple officials or government employees. They had to do CHURCH as a FAMILY before they learned to do church around the Tabernacle of Moses.

Hosting God's Presence: How to Influence Culture in the Right Order

Your home and those family relationships are the most important assets in your life! Don't treat them poorly; they are the first sanctuary on the way to church.

If the local assembly has strong houses that know how to meet as smaller units and pray and usher in the presence of God, a move of God can happen. We need to turn our homes into places that host God's presence. We need to turn our churches into a great house to host God's presence. And we need to target the gates of our cities to raise up leaders who host God's presence and penetrate the gates.

Our influence and focus should go in this order:

1st – Personal

2nd – Family

3rd – Church

4th – City & World

If you mess up the order, your banners start falling off the wall.

This Is Why We Fight

WE FIGHT because:

1. This next generation among us is beautiful and precious and so sold out to Christ.

2. Jezebel wants to steal their inheritance. The policy-making of ignorant men in high places is making your task harder. We fight because economic meltdown is a possibility. We fight in the Spirit to store up the resources our children need to FINISH what we began. Solomon built David's house. (Photo via Wallpaper Flare)

3. David, for his part, fulfilled his role by killing Philistines and getting the prophetic blueprint for the design of the temple. He got the blueprint and he funded the building.

Let's shake up, destroy and wreak havoc on all the fixed fortifications of Hell. Let's love and engage these young people. Since we older ones are on the front line, let's use our position more intentionally and engage culture. Let's make lots of money to fund the work we turn over to them to finish. We will find and build according to the blueprints God gave us.

"Full of Days"

Don't die before your time. God's plan is to end like Pastor Mike Hayes teaches: "Full of days," which means a meaningful life of productivity. Love your family, help build and serve a local church that is taking the gates, make your career your calling, take territory through it—your years won't be wasted.

DON'T QUIT. Fight for their sakes!

As One!

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