Upcoming Summit UpDates June 4-6

Updated: Apr 24

Hi Everyone!

We are working out the details for the upcoming summit!

It's looking great!

Yes Dave Yarns and Stevie Knight are Returning!

Are you ready to say It's MY TIME?

I've been hearing so many say i've been waiting and waiting !

Well it's your time to SOAR and Grow And Be The SUCCESS you're called to be!

We have experts who are prepared to bring you to the next level of expertise!

Business Growth!

Educational Tools

Family Participation!

Faith Involvement!

Governmental Roles!

Artistic Expression!

Media Know Hows!

Aren't you ready???

We sure are!

A Prophetic Team will be available Separate time from the Conference

Get ready for the time is now!

Stay tuned for updates.

Dr Theresa Phillips


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