We Are Sorry To Say... Message from The President Dr Theresa Phillips

Hello Everyone,

I am so sorry to bring to you this news But we had a meeting last night and as of now we will not be hosting the Symposium.

Due to COVID we are seeing some complications in the timing.

Our hope is to have this INHOUSE in September.

If We cannot We will push for INHOUSE 2010 January.

In The Meantime...

Dave Yarnes & Barbie Breathitt and many other will be on Keys in the Prophetic With me and we will talk about Dreams Vision and the 7 Mountains.

It's really important that we stay connected.

Remember this... YOUR YES is your first Key to success.

I will be posing an article soon.


If you have not renewed your membership please do.

July memberships are good through Till August.

Gods Blessings

Dr Theresa

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